A Life without Traffic


A Life without Traffic

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Ghost Cars!!!!
Flying cars are so over-done.
Teleporters are so over-done. Try this on.
I know that might sound scary, but bear with me. This is all going to make you wish it were real.
Today was THE day, the day I could not contain my anger any longer. I just had to pull my car over, away from the traffic. Worst Case Scenario? I would’ve gotten out of my car and taken a wheel spanner to every other car in sight. Traffic is probably the worst possible frustration there is for working-class citizens. From annoying zig-zaging, lane-changing drivers to motorcyclists that you both envy and detest.
I got out of my car (POLO vivo blueline metallic) and began pacing in a feeble attempt to calm my nerves. After spending almost a year working from home, being thrust back into the congested highways was not entertaining in the slightest. A lightning bolt flashed down my spine and I had a wondrous thought.
What if all cars were Ghost Cars?
Technically it would be cars that could phase through solid matter, dispersing their particles on command. A car with an “Intangible” mode, if you will. Able to transverse from locations without little to no impediments along the way.
“NO MORE TRAFFIC!” I’d imagine this would be the Headlines should such a car be invented.
“Just one big idea. One big idea, and we can change the world.”
Think about it, I have, vigorously. Especially after this morning and the building frustration, I feel everyday. If cars can phase through each other, there would be no need to ever be stuck behind a slow driver or a goliath-sized truck or a construction block. No need to change lanes, no need to swerve (*never swerve, always break) to try to avoid an accident…on that point No More Accidents! And us praying it wasn’t someone we knew.
We could drive however we want and how ever slow we want. Oooh and no more traffic fines! Seriously a bribed cop is no cop at all.
There would be Peace on the Roads!
Ever since I came back from Japan and got to see how efficient their public transport system is, I am left wanting. Even in a crowded train there, there is air conditioning and everyone has good hygiene. During peak times, there were literally about 4-5 cars on the roads. Everybody walks and uses the trains to travel. It’s splendid! If only more governments and countries could be as organized as that.
But until then the Ghost Car fantasy lives on!
And I will be looking like this should it ever be invented….
                                        Pic found on Deviantart.com – user: woodsac
So Ghost Cars, yay or nay?
Comment below on all your traffic pet peeves and woes. I look forward to hearing it all.
I’m definitely writing a short story on this. Will update this post and create a new one as soon as it’s finished.
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Vaya con Dios
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57 Responses

  1. Sam Mirza says:

    Haha! Such a clever idea for such a huge problem. I definitely want to read this short story

  2. Adrienne says:

    One of my worst has to be all the experiences when I was working for an ambulance serves. There are too many to name, but really how hard is it to spot a large red and white ambulance with sirens blaring and just move over a little so that the paramedics can get to their emergency on time and alive!

  3. Eve says:

    Traffic isn't as bad as you think…. after all you invented ghost cars while in traffic 😉

  4. Ok, well then why not just make teleporters so that we don't need cars at all then? It would make getting around so much easier.

  5. Love your vivid imagination my friend. It sounds like something out of a childs imagination! Love it keep up the creativity, it is inspiring.

  6. JOJO VITO says:

    hahah. nice imagination…I love your clever idea 🙂

  7. So much creativity. All I can say is that I love an open road.

  8. HAHA! Great idea! You should patent it 😉

  9. A ghost car sounds so nice. I too hate all the traffic.

  10. Your post cracks me up. It would be funny riding a ghost car. I also hate traffic but if I walk going to work, it will take me at least 30 minutes than driving 6 minutes to work.

  11. ana de jesus says:

    Lol why not if Ghost Rider can do it why can't we. Traffic is annoying!

  12. Yeah, but if everyone has a ghost cars things would really be a mess. Of course, that could be fun.

  13. Amy Jones says:

    This is an interesting concept, no doubt about it. Looks like a lot of fun, though!

  14. Amanda says:

    This is why I'm so glad I live in the county. I might have to worry about deer… but not traffic.

  15. Hhaha. I am not proud that I live in a country with traffic that can be so annoying. Your ghost car may sound brilliant and fun at the same time but I would rather be stuck in a traffic than ride one. Traffic, most of the time, teaches me patience among other things.

  16. I'm still waiting for the Jetson style cars. ha

  17. Elizabeth O. says:

    A ghost car would be a wonderful thing to have. It's just that there's too many cars these days, compared to before. We have to start adjusting, even if it's such a hard thing to do.

  18. I admire the thought and interpretation. If only such things can be easy with reality. Regardless, I enjoyed reading this.

  19. krystle cook says:

    Ghost cars would be an interesting concept. Makes me think of Paris and their car free day they have once a month.

  20. Eugenia says:

    Traffic jams are so annoying! Ghost cars would be real solution! 😉 Love your creative idea and can’t wait a short story on this!

  21. I lived in England and was fascinated by the consistent and reliable public transport system there.

  22. Nicole Escat says:

    This is really interesting, ghost cars are dreams who was fascinated about cars.

  23. You have a great imagination. I would love it if there were really a ghost car. That would be neat.

  24. Jenjen says:

    Traffic seems to be forever!!!

  25. Maya LaBoo says:

    Can we make this into a reality? Lol.

  26. Liz Mays says:

    OH if we could only make it come true, that would be amazing. I would love it!

  27. Ahhhh you are definitely creative!!!! Now only to make this a reality 😉

  28. Dawn GT says:

    i love how creative this is. #MakeItHappen! woo woo

  29. Diana Studer says:

    Oh, I miss efficient public transport from when we lived in Switzerland

  30. Carolyn says:

    Your description of Japanese traffic sounds like heaven! Very over traffic 🙂

  31. Mani says:

    I so wish we had an efficient public transport system here, I think then more car drivers would get off the road. Less stress. Less violent threats. Less swearing .. Keep writing 🙂

  32. Anonymous says:

    I will drive a Ghost Car! Traffic makes me so anxious because you just never know the mental state of the other drive on the road . . . and that is why I still don't have my license and I have no desire to get one (at this time).

  33. Nina Obran says:

    I definitely understand your frustration. I'm going to work with bus. I read or write during ride, and on the way back I sleep. If for some reason I have to go by car, I feel very frustrated and also resentful, because I'm not able to read, write or sleep. That would be great solution! 😀

  34. MrsTee says:

    I hate traffic too. Being born and raised in New York I had to deal with it daily and the frustration was very real! Now that I live in the South it isn't as bad but any visit home brings it back. I think Ghost cars would be an awesome solution… phase left…phase right!

  35. I would love a ghost car! Traffic with a little one is something out of a nightmare!

  36. Traffic is annoying AF and I would absolutely buy a ghost car ha ha.

  37. Traffic is annoying AF and I would absolutely buy a ghost car ha ha.

  38. I would LOVE if there weren't any traffic. I'm in Texas and it is everywhere.

  39. I sooo feel your pain of driving in traffic. It sucks! Ideally, I'd prefer to work from home, but if I have to leave, the Ghost Cars wouldn't be a bad option 🙂

  40. Love this post and I am looking forward to your short story about this one. Good luck

  41. This is too funny! How we all feel your pain.

  42. My traffic pet peeve is people who change lanes too much. Also the ones that dont let you over.

  43. I have never had the experience of seeing ghost cars you really need to write a novel about this =)

  44. michelle says:

    Wow, that's really cool.. ha

  45. I hate waiting and standing in line. Now, can you imagine me being stuck in traffic? Don't. The only way I avoid this is to avoid rush hours. Oh and I also hate those drivers who cut in and out of their lanes!

  46. This is definitely an interesting idea! Traffic is bothersome!

  47. Seems like you come up with all your great ideas in traffic! haha

  48. Ellie Chan says:

    You have the most fantastic imagination! I wish I could come up with ideas and stories like this when I'm stuck in traffic!

  49. Moms Nerdy says:

    Traffic never bothered me… until I moved to California. I have moved back to the midwest after living in Cali for 10 years. I do not even care if I get stuck behind far machinery. Nothing worse then going 1 mile in 2 hours… I will take the 20mph tractor.

  50. Anonymous says:

    My worse pet peeves for traffic are when people just go over to another lane without a turning signal. I also hate when people are on the express way and go like 30 miles an hour! I love the idea of how overseas traffic is just different. Great post!

    Isaly Holland

  51. We don't have much traffic where I live.

  52. mail4rosey says:

    I'd be all for the no more traffic, lol We have a ton here.

  53. lol what an imagination ghost cars would be great during traffic times! We love driving hence why we travel full time in our RV �� But getting stuck in traffic I agree is no fun

  54. Crizzy Kiss says:

    Lol. I can't imagine if you experience the traffic in Manila or any in SE Asia, it's worse than you can imagine. Well, for ghost cars, I don't it'll be the solution because everyone will do the same. 😉

  55. I saw a neat informational video a while back about the cause of traffic. It showed what a super crowded intersection would look like if more people would carpool, or take busses or walk. It was incredible to see how it's really the unused vehicle seats that take up most of the road.

  56. Hahaha I love it! You have a great imagination!

  57. Eliz Frank says:

    Hahaha! After a trip to Japan, everywhere else seems lazy and disorganized. I can relate. I felt the same way too. I can't stand traffic either.

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