CODE-SA: Get The Look


CODE-SA: Get The Look

“CODE is authentic, intimate and expressive – the unique style of the millennial man. “🕴

At CODE we offer on trend fashion for today’s Millennial Man. Life moves fast and our fashions are designed to make you feel and look the part. Style, Quality and Value is what we pride ourselves on.

We get our customers, we know what drives them, motivates them and most importantly we talk to them – all the time. We listen and engage. CODE – be a part of our journey.

If you’re like me, shopping for yourself especially for clothes can become a chore which is why I dig this concept of “Get The Look”. You know like sometimes you’ll see a dude & say “yeah I want THAT look” not just that shirt or this pants. By having a cool & dope combo of clothes including shoes & accessories? I’m Sold! That’s as easy as 1.2.3 Click & Done shopping for me! I would buy all these looks without hesitation!

And actually, I Just Did…😏😎

See, didn’t waste time & with the crazy hours I keep running two businesses plus now teaching from Monday, I simply Do Not have the time to go out to shop. Shopping online like this & selecting a combo is the most awesome option for me right now. So catch me here next week where I will feature all that I’ve ordered.

These looks are all LIT 🔥 , swag level up y’all! And you know they just gonna keep adding to it.




They also have this wicked “Buy 2” offer which I also added to my cart:

😍🤩😱Already addicted to the “Get The Look” Section. So convenient & trendy.

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What catches your eye from the CODE lineup?


Rapitrade 141 (Pty) Ltd.
Cnr Drukkery and Malherbe Streets
Goodwood, 7460
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 (21) 590 6620
WhatsApp: 082 323 0701

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