Movie Review: 3 Days To Go


Movie Review: 3 Days To Go

🔥 “A colour kind roller-coaster of family turmoil & perfect pacing with gorgeous cinematography. Bianca Isaac is now a goddess of writing & directing!” 🔥

No Family is Perfect: When their father passes away, four grown siblings gather with their collection of husbands, wives, children and grandchildren. Together this crazy family needs to survive each other, for 3 days -under one roof, before they spread their father’s ashes and part ways again. As the siblings re-examine their shared history and their tattered relationships, they learn how miserable they have become in their lives and how they can no longer blame someone else for their decisions.

3 DAYS TO GO represents families worldwide. We all know someone or has someone like one of our characters in our own families. But every now and then something happens that tears us apart in order to bring us back together.

No matter how crazy and selfish our family can be, we can still love them, show them their faults and stand by them so they can change their ways and grow stronger together as a family. #nofamilyisperfect #familyfirst

About Last Night…
🔥L. I. T🔥

I was honored to be invited by Starburst Promotions to attend the 🤩Red Carpet Event🤩 *Exclusive Sandton Premiere of the movie 3 Days To Go. We had such blast, the brilliant personalities & energies were such a treat. I am further humbled to have had the opportunity to interview this magical cast of awesomeness & infamy!

Watch the Alfonzo Words *Exclusive red carpet interview with Tumi Morake as she tells of her character in the upcoming movie 3 Days To Go & about her love for Bollywood cinema.


Close your eyes {[Breathe]} & imagine, for a second, the last movie that you truly enjoyed. The one that had you bolting out of the cinema in awe & wonder, ready to passionately tell everyone around you to go watch it. THAT’s 3 Days To Go for me. Everything from the casting, to the scripting, to the locations, to the cinematography, to the atmosphere was outrageously well done but cooked to perfection. Sé Manifique! And to think this is the Directorial debut of Writer/Producer Bianca Isaac! I was beyond impressed & so relieved to find the dialogue absolutely smooth, instantly playing off one another in the conversation. She also paced the development of the arcs of redemption between the siblings, finding quiet yet powerful moments to highlight both her character’s flaws & their strengths. She captured the essence of a family comedy & drama but added our own homegrown humor & drama to it, right down to the hysterical aunty at a funeral. A talent of which is rare yet takes a sort of patient wisdom that I’m sure she’s cultivated over the years.

In my interview with her {will be uploaded to my Youtube Channel, so subscribe to follow} I asked her;

If there was just one nugget of wisdom you could share, what would that be?
She replied: “Be True to yourself and always make something that resonates with YOU because it will resonate with everybody.”



Such a universal inspiration to all artists both now & in future. She’s going to shape a generation of filmmaking in this country.

Award-winning producer, Bianca Isaac has created a career in storytelling with acclaimed drama series such as Umilio, Swartwater, Kruispad and Getroud Met Rugby.
She is the owner and CEO of Figjam Entertainment, a production company specializing in feature films.
Her filmography includes Inexba-The Wound, Kings of Mulberry, The Jakes Are Missing, Comatose, Between Friends and Getroud Met Rugby.
3 DAYS TO GO marks Bianca’s directorial debut. “I am a producer at heart, although I have 3 projects I will direct, the 1st one being 3 DAYS TO GO.”
She is currently in development for three other films with Gregory Mthanji and Kajal Bagwandeen.
Bianca has a strong affinity towards nurturing young talent and female driven projects.


Gregory provides the much-needed ambition & encouragement that it’s up to us to open up the industry. To creating opportunity where there was none before & to grow even bigger still.

Gregory Mthanji is the founder of Worthy Media Agency, a company that specializes in branded content and feature films. 3 DAYS TO GOmarks the 2nd collaboration with Bianca Isaac.
A WITS film graduate, Gregory has gathered extensive experience in storytelling, which translates into the feature films as well as the branded content stories he creates – connecting audiences with brands. He currently heads the brand content division at SA’s number one soccer club Kaizer Chiefs.
3 DAYS TO GO is a project close to his heart that has come a long way since its inception with writer and director, Bianca Isaac. Together they have three more films in collaboration.


I related to this character the most, especially after talking to Leeanda which lets just say made use both emotional. She brought out such a unique vulnerability apart from the control of the character.

Leeanda Reddy, a South African household name, plays the lead character Janet Isaac in the feature film 3 DAYS TO GO.
Known for her role as Priyanka on TV’s, Isidingo and live performance comedy. Her film credits include: Dark Tower alongside Edris Elba; Diana with Naomi Watts Cape Town with Boris Kodjoe and opposite Leon Schuster in Mr.Bones 2.
Leeanda is well known in theatre entertainment having toured South Africa, India, Scotland and Edinburgh. As co-owner of Mustard Seed Productions she has written, directed and produced many stage productions. Leeanda is a versatile performer moving comfortably from dramatic screen actress to comedic stage performer to eloquent MC.


She enveloped her character in such warmth & wisdom that you feel as if you’re getting the cuddliest of hugs every time she is on screen. But DO NOT Mess with mama bear, hahaha, you’ll see what I mean when you watch.

Lillette Dubey, Bollywood’s actress came to South Africa to play the role of Lakshmi Isaac in 3 DAYS TO GO.
Lillette has appeared in films known worldwide, like The Second-Best Marigold Hotel, Best Marigold Hotel, and Monsoon Wedding. She has featured in over 100 Bollywood films alongside Amithab Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Jaya Bachchan, Nasiruddin Shah and Om Puri.
Dubey has a deep love for theatre, directing a number of plays, of which most notably being Mahes Dattani’s Dance Like A Man – which is the longest running play having completed 497 shows across the world including a two week run on Broadway.


Wow, this role was in such contrast with her previous character from Keeping up with the Kandasamys, but seriously though, a WHOLE other level of acting in this movie Jai. Wow. I’m in awe of the raw emotion & love she brought to screen including the quiet but firm strength she had in standing up to Calvin.

Popular radio and stage personality, Jailoshini Naidoo, joined the cast of 3 DAYS TO GOas Melissa Isaac.
Jailoshini has had a long and varied career as an actress, comedian and television presenter and won over the heart of all her fans with her show, Aunty Rumba, and hosts her own talk show on Durban’s popular Radio Lotus. Her filmography includes British film The Eastern Bride; the Italian film Karol’ and SA’s Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s. Jailoshini has also appeared in the popular British series Strike Back 2; Canada’s The Indian Detective with Russel Peters and Anupam Kher. She currently features as a lead actress on Imbewu: The Seed gracing the South African screens daily.


Kajal was also involved in the casting so really have her to thank for bringing together this ensemble of talented people. Also, can we exclaim over this dress she wore to the Durban Premiere?!
It’s LITERALLY 🔥 L. I. T 🔥 !!!
😱😍 Flawless Victory. Designed by Casey Jeanne. Now I ain’t one for fashion but this is DOPE!

Kajal Bagwandeen lit up South African screens as Asha on 7de Laan, followed by the villainous Devina on Isidingo. Her training in North Classical Dance, Kathak and modern Bollywood landed her the lead role in the musical, Bombay Crush. Kajal became a household name as the anchor on the entertainment shows Eastern Mosaic and Mela.
Kajal’s filmography includes the role of Amina in BET’s Madiba, JOZI, For Better or Worse, Bombay Duck; and the Netflix Canadian series The Indian Detective alongside Russel Peters and Anupam Kher.
Kajal has grown her presence behind the scenes as a sort out casting director – her work includes 3 DAYS TO GO, Kings of Mulberry, The Indian Detective. Kajal also took on the role of co-producer on 3 DAYS TO GO, one of three projects she is currently collaborating with Bianca Isaac and Gregory Mthanji.


Riki’s character can be summed up in this one GIF🤣😂 It’s both incredibly frustrating & incredibly funny.

Rahul Brijnath is a well know actor, comedian and MC. He entered the film world as the lead actor in feature film, Farhaan, followed his 2nd lead role in 31 Million Reasons.
Since then Rahul has featured in various theatre production such as Sound of Music, Chalo and Prince of Dubai.
Rahul was cast in the Canadian Netflix series, The Indian Detective in a supporting role as Urvesh Malkani, before joining the cast of 3 DAYS TO GO as one of the supporting leads, Riki, the out of control brother.


Kiki do you love me? lol

2015’s Spectacular Award Winner: Favourite TV Presenter and Sexiest Man and Cosmopolitan‘s SA’s Sexiest Man 2014, Jonathan Boynton-Lee joined the cast of 3 DAYS TO GO as Oliver – Janet Isaac’s boyfriend – playing alongside his dream actress Leeanda Reddy.
He’s best known as our favorite Top Billing presenter and has traveled the world sharing the screen with the likes of Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Bublé, Channing Tatum, Harry Styles, Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz, Peter Jackson, Emily Blunt, Idris Elba, and Ana Wintour.
The former catalog and runway model is also an award-winning and multi-talented filmmaker. He started out writing, directing and acting for theatre before his big step into film when a script he wrote for Quickies film festival was selected to be produced and screened in cinemas around the country. Since then his filmography includes Jozi Kings, Hell Trip, The Rainbow Documentary Collective, Lady and Trompie, and Baby Mamas.


I STAN Candice in a hospital gown!!😭💔She hit me with all the feels

Zakeeya Patel; a well-known presence graces all our households every Sunday as the anchor on the lifestyle show Mela. 3 DAYS TO GO marks her 2nd collaboration with writer and director, Bianca Isaac.
Known for her roles on the feature films Material, The Fall of Ganesh, The Jakes Are Missing and Die Pro. Her television credits include the saucy and fiery, Amita Kahn in the award-winning South African series The Wild, Isidingo, High Rollers, End Game, Skwizas, 7de Laan and Mzansi Love. Her theatre work includes Locked, The Colonel Bird, The Black and White, Othello, A Style of the Eye, Vessel, Qaphela Caesar, Wintertime, Click-x-cess and Suitcase Stories.


This dude is going to be SO Hated by everyone, all over after they see the movie lol but I suppose that is a testament to how great he played his role.

Actor, comedian and theatre artist, Pranesh Maharaj juggled his schedule around to join the fabulous cast of 3 DAYS TO GO as the unhappy husband playing alongside Jailoshini Naidoo.
Channelling these emotions was difficult but an easy fit for the versatile actor coming straight off the BBC Series Our Girl. His filmography includes the Canadian Netflix Series, The Indian Detective and local feature film, Material.
Pranesh also runs a successful stand-up comedian career performing to sold out shows in his hometown Durban.


Watch her Youtube Interview! She slays me🤣😂🤗

Internationally acclaimed artist, Tumi Morake, has lit up out screens with her performances on Jerusalem, Skins and Johannesburg, Millicent, Izoso Connections and Justice for All.
On stage she has a successful stand-up comedy career show which she has toured the world with recently finishing her performance in Australia. Tumi has partnered with various comedians bringing laughter to all.
2017 saw Tumi kick off the breakfast show on SA’s Jacaranda FM before moving on to host her very own show WTF with Tumi. When the roles of Babes came along in 3 DAYS TO GO– Tumi was the only one that could fill the shoes of this colourful gangster.  


This dude delivers one of the funniest lines in all of the movie & I will be laughing at it for a very, very long time to come. Let’s just say it takes your breath away.😉

Ashish Gangarpersad is best-known for his role as Prada on South Africa’s favourite soap opera, Isidingo. Since then Ashish has featured inThe Siege of Jadotville, House on Willow Street, Bram Fischer, Soap on a Rope, The Ravens, Blood Drive and The Last Victims.
Many don’t know his comedic side; but yes, he does have a flourishing comedic side which landed him the role of the over-the-top Brahman in 3 DAYS TO GO.


She makes me miss my goth days lol & the poems I use to write about Death too.🤷‍♂️🤣

After a long search for new talent in KZN for the role of Kiara Isaac, we found Kiara Govender. Fresh out of high school, graduating with high marks in Drama – Kiara has always had a flair for the arts. However, landing the role of Kiara did not come easy. Once found, she entered an acting workshop to prepare for the role.
Kiara is currently studying a BA degree in Arts.

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I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this movie!

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words

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