Movie Review: Matwetwe


Movie Review: Matwetwe

“🙌A joyous portrayal of brotherhood, African ingenuity & entrepreneurship. Kagiso & Black Coffee bringing Mzansi Cinema to a whole new Level🆙”

79 mins

MATWETWE (WIZARD) is a coming of age adventure following Lefa and Papi, best friends and recent high school graduates, on the hustle of their young lives. Over the course of an action packed New Years Eve in the iconic township of Atteridgeville, the boys try to score a huge deal, dodge a king pin gangster and his violent minions, get the girl and ultimately save their lives in this hilarious escapade.

Not Just a Weed Movie:

Truly, when I was invited to watch this movie at the private cinema of
UIP {United International Pictures} Head Offices, I went in thinking this was going to be a weed/stoner movie. Thankfully, it’s not entirely that. Kagiso weaves such an intricate yet smooth story filled with hella laughs & characters. All of which are very fleshed out, each feeling as if they have their own backstory. Which is a standard I’ve been frustratingly waiting for from South African writers. This movie is a beautiful testament to ALL that Mzansi Cinema can achieve & more. Ever expanding the potential in this country for telling authentic Mzansi stories; exploring is characters, cultures & unique humors as well. Matwetwe is a brilliant movie & I can’t wait for South Africa to see it.


Sibusiso Khwinana is an actor, director, writer and poet who grew up in the Pretoria township of Soshanguve. He studied Performing Arts at Youth In Trust Performing Arts Academy – based out of the South African State Theatre. He staged several original
productions including TIT FOR TAT, for which he was awarded Best Director at the
HELLO FESTIVAL in 2014. The following year he independently took the play to the
National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. In December 2015, he was awarded Best Script
and Best Production at Mzansi Fela Festival CADO Program with his play AMEND and
won the Standard Bank Ovation Award in 2015 at the Grahamstown National Arts
Festival. MATWETWE is Sibusiso’s first film and he hopes to study film and television in the future and use these mediums as platforms to evoke change and intellectually confront social issues.

Tebatso Mashishi studied Dramatic Arts at the Tshwane University of Technology. Motivated by his impoverished upbringing, Mashishi has dedicated himself to his craft – stating that his upbringing “haunts him” and that he has become a workaholic out of an intense desire to “never return to that place”. Mashishi hopes to use the arts as a platform to create awareness about Albinism and dispel misconceptions about the condition. He also hopes that his dedication will inspire other artists and actors with Albinism to come forward and follow their passions.

Mirriam Mamabolo (Mimi) was born and raised in the township of Atteridgeville and has always had a profound love for the arts. After graduating from Hofmeyr High School in
2008, Mimi went on to study at Tshwane University of Technology, specializing in Theatre Dance and Educational theatre. Mimi has appeared in numerous productions and has played at The South African State Theatre as well as at The Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Mimi has also been a regular player in industrial theatre productions. Mimi is currently involved in two projects with The South African Theatre Village, including
“Human Pieces II” (Winner of the 2017 Standard Bank Ovation Award at the
Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Otto Nobela is an actor, director and MC who was born and raised in the Pretoria township of Atteridgeville. He start acting in 2007 through the community group ‘Siphiwe Isipho’ and later went on to complete a two year development programme with the South African State Theatre. Through his training with the South African State Theatre, he has been cast in numerous theatre productions – receiving the award for Best Supporting Actor at Mzansi Fela in 2014 and 2015. Nobela is passionate about giving back to his community and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills by teaching in community groups and at schools. He is a young director who hopes to use the arts to tell stories that have gone unheard.

Luzuko Sotshononda is an actor, stage manager and lighting designer born and raised in Atteridgeville. After joining a community drama group and landing his first semi-professional production, he began training with a veteran lighting designer and went on to work on various stage productions behind and in front of the curtains of South Africa, including the Soweto Theatre, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and the Mzansi Fela Festival.
Kefilwe Mello was born and raised in Soweto and graduated from Mapetla Secondary School in 2009 – immediately pursuing Dramatic arts by working as a TV show researcher, a drama teacher and a youth mentor. She has since studied Dramatic Arts at the Tshwane University  of Technology and performed in numerous stage plays as well as various South African TV shows.
Tshepo Seagiso, Bugzito is an actor, writer and director. He co-wrote and performed in ‘Corner Madiba and Nelson Mandela’ which was first staged at the South African State Theatre (2013) and the at the National Arts Festival (2014) and has since been involved in numerous theatre productions. In 2015, he made his television debut on South African TV and has since appeared in several television shows.

Such a universal inspiration to all artists both now & in future. He’s going to shape a generation of filmmaking in this country.

Kagiso Lediga is a celebrated stand-up comedian, actor and writer.
He is the creator of the pioneering South African comedy sketch show THE PURE MONATE SHOW (PMS), and co-creator and show-runner of two time International Emmy nominated LATE NITE NEWS WITH LOYISO GOLA (LNN).
Kagiso made his feature film directorial debut with CATCHING FEELINGS with his second feature MATWETWE (WIZARD) hot on the heels of its world premiere.

Black Coffee is a South African multi award winning record producer and DJ. He began his career back in 1994 and has released four albums and one live DVD under his Johannesburg based record label called Soulistic Music. He is arguably one of the most influential house music producers in the world.

At the UIP {United International Pictures} Head Offices we were honored to interview the cast & director of Matwetwe! It was a great experience & I’m humbled to have had the chance to get to know all about the making of this film & the acting behind it. Which by the by, was shot in 9 days!! I’m honestly in AWE of the level of quality of movie Kagiso was able to whip up in such a short space of time. A talent of which is rare yet takes a sort of patient wisdom that I’m sure he’s cultivated over the years.

Watch this Shout Video To my Blog by Kagiso, Sibusiso & Tebatso:

The FULL Video Interview is about +30 minutes which unfortunately the internet gods won’t allow me to upload any time soon since it’s 3.7 gigs! Is going to take some time for me to upload the full interview or an edited down version. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, so you will be notified when it is up.

I did ask each of them, If you had just One message, One Golden nugget to share with other Actors/Writers out there. What would that be?

  • KagisoBeing a writer is lonely & takes patience. Please, PLEASE don’t punish us with your underwritten scripts. Don’t rush perfection.
  • TebatsoInvest in the craft, watch movies. Stories, characters. Emulate the standard.
  • Sibusiso Take risks, tell stories. Change the industry.
  • Black CoffeeCourage. Have the courage to pursue your passions. Everyone, all the famous & successful people, have one thing in common. They have courage.

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I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this movie!I

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words

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142 Responses

  1. Benita says:

    Awesome review!! This is such a unique concept for a movie but a really good one especially as marijuana has been made legal recently lol. Would definitely be interesting to watch. It’s amazing to see more South African talent and movies coming out onto the big screen.

  2. Melani Winchester says:

    Loved loved this review! Oh my gosh. You’re so funny and relatable. I enjoyed the gifs and descriptions. Instantly made me wanna watch #Matwetwe now😍🇿🇦😱

  3. Brandy says:

    I have never heard of this movie before, glad you shared a review. It sounds like something I would watch for sure.

  4. Keshia Richmond says:

    Wow, MATWETWE, seems like a great coming-of-age film to see. I would love to follow the story of Lefa and Papi. Great review.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    I didn’t watch this movie yet but if you wrote about this movie then I think I should watch it. According to your review it seems that this movie has some different concept. Thanks for sharing your review.

  6. So relevant. Great south African story

  7. Matwetwe sounds like an incredible movie. I love reading the detailed review of the movie and hope to watch it soon 🙂

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  9. Kemi says:

    Good to see SA movies coming up. Nice to watch another African perspective seeing as Nollywood cinema rules Africa.

  10. Such a fascinating behind the scenes look when it comes to the movie. I love learning about all the people involved in putting together a movie like this. I love the part where they talk about being a writer is a bit of a lonely gig. And yes it does take a lot of patience.

  11. Erin Haugerud says:

    This looks like a really good movie!

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