Poetry Collection


Poetry Collection


After much encouragment from my didi(big sister) and much reluctance from me, I decided to share some of my poetry for #ThursdayThoughts


After six years of revolution and demanding for freedom, people in #Aleppo are being forced to leave their beloved city. 
My heart bleeds for their struggle & quality of life. Just because it isn’t happening Here. Doesn’t mean it ISN’T happening.
Bana Alabed is a 7 year old girl tweeting from #Aleppo
Death I Shall becometh

Let the dead raise again,

And Death I shall becometh, lay your smoky ring upon my finger.

You are the entity of inevitable choice,

And from Chaos we were all born. It’s what binds us, keeps us and forgets us…

There is but only one face I would condemn all of my humanity.

So I say this now. Yes, Hear Me!

Bring me the Doors of thyself,

So I may retrieve what was taken.

Lay claim to my soul and punish my sin,

But deny me none, for Death I shall becometh.


The family portrait of Ma 

A family portrait stands, stuck to the left. 

Frozen and perfect are the united, 

In the wake of devastating bald evil and a bandana. 

She crouches, centered in the timeless beauty of an unaffected soul, 
Practiced smiles and joyful cheekbones reign over the blooming garden. 
While one stands alone, unimpressed, with eyes in curved shadows, 
He smiles for no one, for no one has him smiling. 
How to not cancer? How to, you say? 
He wishes to all seven heavens for an answer he knows not to come. 
An angel of frail and fractured bones looks up at her, 
Staring absently, lost in her mortal coil. 
A single obsidian strand of hair, 
Hangs twisted and woven, in silent prayer of Buddhist tranquility. 
How to not cancer? How to, you say? 
Hope…..you hope. 

Read more about this poem here: 

#ROAR4TCA with @TeenCancerUSA

The origin of first novel

A scene, for years, my mind protested.

Too frantic a life it shamed denial.

I would like to say a fire of will was ushered,

Truly it was the void, of no distraction left.

In curiosity, the scene became wanted

Yearning to witness the words, I exclaimed at the keyboard.

Passionate and demented strokes, driving their narrative in flow.

In hilarity, the scene became a chapter and that chapter became illuminated after twenty instalments.

A story was born, an origin story unlike any other but like some.

Characters became emotion, emotion became flaws and flaws became doorways to humanity.

“A cure exists! A cure exists!” I bellow to the skies,

Hurting ten ways to Sunday in no sleep patterns of pungent coffee and teeth-staining Death sticks.

I curl the fetus and clutch the airplane, headaches bruising my corneas.

The story was realized, without outright complaint, at twenty-six instalments.

A graph was thought into creation, a graph to illustrate both character tags and word counts.

It was not the summit that congealed the suffering to enjoyment and wonder,

But the under-looked journey, in all its extreme sweat droplets.

Written and Smitten,

A writer I am.

Words are immortal.

His no wife policy

Adopt a baby, toddler or teenager but tolerate no wife. 

A proposal of not, a bended knee on platitudes of love but one of mutual co-habitation. 

He gives out his heart, sliding down a sleeve, it ruptures and bleeds

These stitches, trembling hands unable to stop. 

Father always says, he did his job with them. He clothed and double shoe’d himself. 

Yet here they were, the father and the opposite of his daughter. Arguing,

In time, that adoption is another exciting leap for their family to encourage. 

He tries not to contemplate anything but the stork bringing him any such natural offspring.

Belief in miracles are slapped out of them as a time honored tradition among the realistic.

What does he want to do? Astronaut-not

What does he want to do? Neurosurgeon-not

What does he want to do? James Cameron-not

With quotes of the mundane thrust upon him. 

God’s hand is felt in wood with one final kick left in it. 

No one would make him do it but he did, in good faith of Church modesty. 

Chastity! She cries to the upside down ocean of Caribbean magnitude. White puffs are rare but they serve their purpose. 

No choice was left now when a hostile uterus doesn’t mean what it used to.

She clutches his hands and sobs right over it. 

He promises to make this a night she will never forget.

InstaGram Poems

I’m 1% sane

& the rest as Crazy as Crazy comes

Color me an inverse reverb rainbow 

Betwixed this bubble, bubble foil & stubble

Lay this, slay that
Humble bumble it’s all but a mumble 
Be quickest my deafening Heart -E

Your beauty doth my heart ensnared
My life disarray, my soul alight
I love you now more so with each breath unto me.
I have to dare
I have to be
Your one true love from all loves to soul laid bare.
Take me or have me, I was yours always, now and forever. – €

Far fetched the winds of trade blow
Winged angel up above
How sweet it is you’ve come to show

Without you here all color faded
I was abreast
My heart all manner of desinflated

Now you’re back, the world grows
The song melodies
Those dang’d birds churp
Mist covered droplets descend
Frost flaked butterflies ascend — €

Dark destiny show me your purpose
Live now, live forever
Live for never
Whistle, it’s not o’er the sundry summery bliss
Bounce! Bounce that ounce you malice of this Monday blue
Thunder through, least you die
Harder still is the After
Softer still is the Heart — €

Whisper to my soul
Hush Hush skittle brittle
Little by little
Whenever darkness approaches
When shadows engulf the world
You battle, you fight, you endure
My warrior, eternal
And of light-stitched particles
This heart, this ventricular organ beats.
It beats, beats only for you — €


Darkness colors my soul
in a way the light never could.
It binds, to coils, it fractures
Rage is all I feel,
Against those who harm
Harm those who cannot
OR hide.
I want to defend, I want to protect
I want to hide
I must destroy.
— €

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words

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  1. "a fire of will" how ambiguous!!!! As always, your poetry is captivating and beautiful. I'm glad you put them up. I hope you share more!!

  2. Nice poetry. Love those quotes.

  3. I needed the dont quit quote today. I have had some things that are making me want to be a quiter.

  4. Your poetry is so beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this post.

  5. I love your poetry! I have always wished I could write poetry. Sometimes I go to poetry night at a local hang out and am in complete envy of their talent and creativity 🙂

  6. Amy Jones says:

    Really nice read, full of great and uplifting quotes

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    There's nothing like reading poetry to get you through the day. I really like these selections. You write good poems!

  8. Such a worth reading, that was a beautiful poem

  9. Keep writing! You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  10. Tami Q says:

    I was never good at writing poetry in school. I do like writing though. I hope you'll continue writing! It's great therapy in my opinion.

  11. I can't remember the last time I wrote one. These are good read, so nice words!

  12. I love reading these poetry! they are so inspiring, I wish I can write one too!

  13. Omg so many awesome poems!!!! Lots of talent right here that's for sure!

  14. I love poetry and your post reminded me that I don't read it often enough. I really love the poem reminding us not to quit.

  15. It is nice to read poetry sometimes. Great work.

  16. I still remember how popular Titanic back in the days. It is one of my favorite movies of all time. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan | http://www.mommyrockininstyle.com

  17. Congrats on sharing such a personal part of your work! They are beautiful.

  18. I am not a fan of reading poetry as i find it hard to understand and pronounce many words. but your work is beautiful! its a talent that you really need share to everyone!

  19. Ckrusch says:

    Your poetry is so wonderful! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing it!

  20. This is such lovely poetry. You have such talent.

  21. Don't quit is perfect for what I needed to read today. Thankyou for sharing this!

  22. Amy Jones says:

    I love me some good poetry. I will read these when I have some spare time. Thank you for sharing this!

  23. Shelley says:

    You should share more poetry. These pieces are brilliant

  24. Joely Smith says:

    Wow there are few words that can covey what you have not. I am humbled. Also saddened at the state of our world, yet hopeful eyes will open.

  25. What a fantastic creation. Good choices of words and it can be a great composition for a song. Keep up the good work.

  26. I have always enjoyed poetry =) Thank you for sharing!

  27. Coralie says:

    This is a good collection of poetry. Thanks. It was a good read.

  28. I sat with these a while. Some of the images were deep and all were resonant.

  29. Michelle T says:

    Nice poems. Poetry can be really hard to understand what the poet is saying. But I can understand yours pretty good. Nicely done.

  30. Rachel says:

    You have a real talent with words, thank you for sharing them with us.

  31. This poetry is so amazing! I love reading this kind of post. <3

  32. Nicely done. I enjoyed reading this poetry. The emotion and feeling of the writer. I really like the piece of Death I Shall Becometh.

  33. Literacy is such a wonderful thing in this world. Thanks for this collection.

  34. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry. Art can make such a difference in the world.

  35. love your poetry! and that quotes are lovely as well

  36. ana de jesus says:

    Is this your poetry? It is amazing so hauntingly beautiful and you create such beautiful pictures with your words.

  37. Ana Ojha says:

    Love reading your poems and the piece on Death is quite thoughtful!

  38. Becca Wilson says:

    Poetry was one of my favorite expressions when I was a kid. I really enjoy reading yours!

  39. Jennifer L. says:

    Wow you are so talented! It also takes me back when I use to write poetry, maybe I should try to do some again. Thank you for sharing yours!

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