Precipice: The Second Most Important Date of Your Life


Precipice: The Second Most Important Date of Your Life

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The Second Most Important Date is…The Proposal.

Mike stood upon a precipice, the winds of change blowing through his sandy blond hair. He’d always been a hard worker, always fighting for his dream to be the best advertiser out there. If he wasn’t working, he was not living. His mind aflame with new ideas and slogans, constantly rearranging them like a conundrum until they became something meaningful. After becoming the head of the advertising department at PPC. He afforded himself with maybe too much of an ego boost. In actuality his life was committed to what he was good at, nothing less, that is until this day had arrived….

“Sir, where would you like the ten thousand lilies?” Said the petite florist.

He looked down at her, puzzled and for all he was worth, he could not figure out where on the baseball pitch to put them. Jenna loved lilies, in fact, they had met at a flower shop. This proposal had to go perfectly, it had to be as perfect as the moment they shared their first kiss. The orchestra, the stadium lights, the lilies, the digital board saying ‘Will you marry me?’ It all had to gel together the way his adverts would…harmonious.

“Put the lilies in a half-circle arc around the stadium, the table in the center on the pitchers podium, then add the orchestra near the left field to utilize the acoustics there and top it all off with the ‘Will you marry me?’ appearing on the board when I actually ask the question.” He told the stressed looking caterer. She scrambled off to organize his demands. He rubbed his hands together with a smile, everything should run smoothly now. Although maybe a long run on the treadmill might clear his head.

He climbed the stairs to his apartment greeting Buster on the way in. Little Buster had been the dog Mike had grown to love, he’d never been fond of pets before, that is until Jenna ‘liberated’ him from a lab and brought him to stay with them. He was a scruffy little mutt, a mutt that Mike would spend his Sunday afternoons combing through his hair to get rid of any excess. Mike sat at his desk surfing the net and checking the latest ads out. He must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew he was at the beach with Jenna, Buster and 5 other dogs that she had decided to walk today… As they got to the beach he knew with certainty what was going to happen next. Jenna let all 6 dogs go! Unleashing them on the beach, not knowing, or rather not caring if it would be a mission to leash them all again, especially Buster. She ran with them, hair tossing in the wind, screams high in the air, she ran. The dogs followed her like a pack, barking excitement. Mike laughed, this was one of his favorite memories of her. A memory that illustrated just how free and uninhibited she was. Everything he was not, she was his polar opposite in almost every way. She was life! The very essence itself, life incarnate in all its beauty and terror. Yes, terror. Her ability to be so, so, so down to earth was unnerving. He’d never met anyone so unencumbered. With a jerk, he woke up and felt like the keyboard keys were engraved on the side of his face. He went out onto the balcony as if standing on a precipice, the winds of change blowing through his sandy brown hair. He’d reached his epiphany within that dream, that one very vivid dream. He was going to marry Jenna, he was going to get down on one knee and propose to her.

Racing down the streets, through the busy nightlife of Manhattan, Mike knew exactly where she would be. The one place she had always felt safe, the stock exchange building. An unusual choice but Jenna had once said that it was exactly that chaos and insanity that made her feel safe. She would just sit there and watch people rant and rave over the stock market, voice upon voice each trying to be heard but lost within the echoes. Trying to push through the crowd to find Jenna was impossible, he’d get lost before he made it even a quarter of the way. So he climbed on a desk and took the microphone.

“SHUrrrrrrrrrrrR UP!!!” Silence greeted him back. “Jenna! JENNA!! JEENNNAA!!!!!” There! He spotted her, the crowd parting along the way and there she was. Her hair was all scuffed up and she looked like she’d been crying. He jumped down and ran to her, gripping her against his chest.

“Why are you crying?” He asked tentatively.

“Buster ran away today,” She replied into his chest.

He chuckled, “He came home baby, Abdul must have let him in.” She looked up at him with so much hope he couldn’t stand it anymore. Adrenaline pumped through him, Jenna must’ve found herself a whole lot taller than him now.

He descended to one knee and looked up into her brown button eyes. “When we first met you told me that I was the most egotistical, power-driven man you’d ever met. Well, I stand before you, not as that man, I stand before you today as… your man. The one you taught how to smile, how to be comfortable in casual clothes, how to laugh at the silliest of things, how to take a day off and the one you taught how to live out his secret dream even if it was just for one night. Jenna your beauty has only one equal, your spirit. You are all that I breathe for and from this day forward you’re all that I live for. I don’t want money or success or even that award for the best advert. All I want and need is you. Give me an angel as sweet and lovely as you and I’ll love her with everything I have. Give me a home and I’d love it with all I have. Give me you, and I will give you my heart and soul. Will you marry me?”

Jenna looked down at him with tears in her eyes, smiling, she uttered a word that galvanized at the very core of his being. “Yes!”

Their lips met passionately somewhere after that, in all the chaos that followed. Cheers and screams rang high in the building. Whether it was to something that happened in the market or to their engagement… no one will ever know.

DeviantArt Cred: LiquidTheoryInc


Authors Note
This is a short story, Cover Reveal can be found Here
The Most Important Date can be found Here

Special Thanks to LiquidTheoryInc for allowing me to use his artwork at the end.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful! Love this

  2. Well that was an inspiring and sweet ending to this read. I love the short story and the book cover.

  3. Wow beautiful. I lvoe the beauty in word.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Proposals are always so beautiful, whether you're watching it or reading it. This is such a romantic story. Thanks for another awesome read.

  5. What a beautiful sweet story. I can't wait to read more!

  6. Eugenia says:

    What a beautiful story and so romantic! Enjoy reading your post 🙂

  7. Angie Scheie says:

    You're so talented! In a short time I was transported in the story!!

  8. what a fun short story to read. this certainly kept my attention!

  9. ana de jesus says:

    Aw I love a happy ending so glad that Jenna said yes and its sweet that he changed from an ego-driven man to her man so cute.

  10. Unknown says:

    Such a great story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Dawn GT says:

    this is such an awesome story. very nice

  12. amer says:

    OMG, I feel so young again. Love this… brings back sweet memories when I was younger.

  13. What an amazing story. I love coming to read about all your stories. You're such a good writer!

  14. Oh Boy! I would love to get proposed to one day! The senses that Mike loves Jenna a whole lot!

  15. That manly statement near the end is very powerful. This demands a sequel!

  16. Aziel Morte says:

    Another inspiring post, I'm so glad that you always share an inspiring and courageous post

  17. Echo A says:

    What an amazing story! I loved it!

  18. You Nailed the post sir

  19. cassava says:

    I was recommendеd this blog Ƅy my cousin. I’m not
    surе whether tһis post is wгitten Ьy him as nobody else know suсh detaiⅼed aƄⲟut
    my trouble. You’re іncredible! Thɑnks!

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