#ROAR4TCA with @TeenCancerUSA


#ROAR4TCA with @TeenCancerUSA

BoooYah!! ROOOOOAAARRR with me today!
Support The Teen Cancer America campaign 

Let’s Shout Out #ROAR4TCA & help @TeenCancerUSA raise awareness for teens & young adults with cancer!

Show us your ROAR!

Let me preface this post by elaborating on Why this means SO much to me. 
Seven years ago, we learned that my beautiful and completely beloved Ma (Grandmother) had been diagnosed with cancer. The blow was indescribable, in truth, I barely remember the moment at all. 
What I do remember is the soul-ripping feeling we experienced when we heard the news. 
Before that, cancer was a thing that happened to other people, not to anyone I knew let alone anyone I would die for. In fact, I remember praying to any god that would listen to freaky Friday us so my Ma wouldn’t have to go through this, I would gladly and wholeheartedly take her place. Now my support in the fight against cancer is Boundless.
And so the story goes, she would go for treatments at Donald Gordon Medical Centre & I would take the campus bus to meet them. Since the gods weren’t listening, I decided to delve into other methods (relax no rituals involved). Suffice it to say I found a saving grace in something ancient & lost to the  modern world.
This long piece of hair has been my silent prayer. When we got the immeasurably awesome news that Ma had gone into remission (~HAPPY BREAK DANCE MOMENT~), five years ago, I couldn’t bare to cut it. So there it stayed, growing, all these seven long years. 
Have you ever had someone in your life that you would give up Everything & Anything to see Cured? Ma is that person to me. 
It’s the reason I wrote The Cured: Rebirth, in honor of our journey through all of this. Hopefully it will get published soon 😀
Teen discovers a Cure for Cancer & has to make the Ultimate Sacrifice. Save his Love or Save the World. #YA #SF
Read an Excerpt from the Novel: The First Date
In the interim, I will end off by sharing a poem I wrote about my Ma.

A family portrait stands, stuck to the left.

Frozen and perfect are the united,

In the wake of devastating bald evil and a bandana.

She crouches, centered in the timeless beauty of an unaffected soul,

Practiced smiles and joyful cheekbones reign over the blooming garden.

While one stands alone, unimpressed, with eyes in curved shadows,

He smiles for no one, for no one has him smiling. 

How to not cancer? How to, you say?

He wishes to all seven heavens for an answer he knows not to come. 

An angel of frail and fractured bones looks up at her, 

Staring absently, lost in her mortal coil.

A single obsidian strand of hair, 

Hangs twisted and woven, in silent prayer of Buddhist tranquility.

How to not cancer? How to, you say?

Hope…..you hope.
Never had I met a more vibrant spirit. Age compares nothing. 
Her Will is All.

Authors Note
I would love to thank the incomparable award-winning Writer, Producer & Filmmaker, Akasha Garnier for tagging me & making me aware of this amazing campaign. I cannot wait to show my support in the days to come. 
I honestly believe that everyone on the planet is connected to cancer in some way or the other. Experiencing it in some form or another. Feel free to talk about it in the comments section. 
Where are all my Lions & Lionesses? 

It Would be an honor to see You out there, Roaring with us. #ROAR4TCA#ChildhoodCancer

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Message From Akasha:
Background on Teen Cancer America from the first concert where I met them in Chicago; the benefit money stayed locally so Chicago is building a teen cancer unit!!

Yes, Teen Caner America is promoting #ROAR4TCA all summer so that is going very well and the organization has gotten many more supporters with our help!

~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres

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27 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing, the awareness you help create will surely touch the lives of many people and may the cycle of hope continue endlessly.

  2. I pray that cancer can be a thing of the past. So many friends have been hurt by cancer.

  3. Following this amazing campaign on Twitter. Thank you for being so brave and inspirational. Cancer it's a terrible disease, I pray for all cancer victims that they find peace and hope through their battles.

  4. Azlin Bloor says:

    A poignant post, and I can totally empathise and appreciate what you're going, having lost a family member to it, and having 2 close friends who've just come through it. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Eugenia says:

    Cancer is such an awful disease, I’ve lost some of my relatives 🙁 Thanks for raising awareness and sharing this campaign!

  6. Amazing post and great poem. This is definitely sometehing very important to share with others.

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    Cancer is a terrible disease, one that I fear as well. It's always good to raise awareness because prevention would be so much better than cure! That's a very nice poem and this post is such a good read. Thanks for supporting such a cause.

  8. Joanna says:

    Cancer took away both my grandparents. My "Mamaie" was the most important person in my life… and cancer just took her away… just like that… 🙁

    • Alfonzo says:

      Oh Joanna. I am so sorry to hear that. My deepest condolences and teddy bear hugs from me. I have no doubt that "Mamaie" is very proud of who you continue to be. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Cancer is not an easy thing. The struggles are real, it is hard to see someone you love to suffer from it.

  10. Sam Mirza says:

    Aww this is so deep! Loved the poem and this whole post. Cancer is a monster that takes away our loved ones. Seeing ones sad and in pain is something that few people can do.

    I love how your book is dedicated to this part of your life…it makes your book extra special because it means something..if not to us…it means something to you. And thats what matters.

    • Alfonzo says:

      Thank you sam for the kind kind words and for your continued support in everything I do. I am so grateful for your friendship.

  11. Love your poem and this thoughtful, personal post. I hope that we can find a cure for Cancer someday.

  12. ana de jesus says:

    Beautiful poem and so glad that the grandma survived her cancer ordeal. My aunty also had cancer and won x

  13. What an amazing way to give back and support the cancer cause. I wish you good luck.

  14. You really sound like you were fated to be tagged for the awareness. I'm sorry for what happened before but you've certainly touched our hearts and I think it's just proper that we give it back to those who fell victims of the reason behind this.

  15. Angie Scheie says:

    Beautiful! And yeah for Ma they she is in remission! ROAR!!

  16. K. Lee Banks says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful post. Cancer has severely impacted my family. My Dad died in 2002 from lymphoma, and my Mom from lung cancer almost 5 years ago (July 7, 2011). Awareness is fine — a cure would be even better!

    • Alfonzo says:

      K.Lee thank you so much for sharing with me. My deepest condolences and teddy bear hugs from me on your loss. Yes! Let us hope for future generations that a cure be found.

  17. The devastation of cancer has struck my family as well. We have lost too many loved ones, and I hope my children see the end of it!

  18. What a beautiful woman! Cancer has affected me – it took the life of my sweetie's mother. My own mother was diagnosed more than five years ago, and she is now in remission. It can be such an unforgiving disease – I hope a cure is found soon.

  19. Wow! Glad she is ok. I too used to think that cancer only happen to other people. I lost one of my favorite aunt to cancer a few years ago. I remember thinking "she, so strong! No way this is happening". Sadly she took a turn for the worst and ended up losing the battle. Make sure you hug her often.

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