Month: Apr 2019


#NetflixWatchClub – Let’s Begin

“It’s a Club.🏠 For the People, By the People & Of the People. We Watch & We Tweet.📱“ 🐇Happy Easter Weekend!!!🐰 Welcome To #NetflixWatchClub 🔥👀 Awhile back now if you check out my instastories you will see there that we were invited to the FIRST EVER NETFLIXSA FAN EVENT!! It was such a huge honor.…
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🕷“With Great Creative Power comes the Greatest Spider-Man Film That Has Been Made! Miles Morales is the dopest black Spider-Man we didn’t know we needed!”🕷 Buenos Dias!Today, thanks to CRAVING NOVITY I get to talk about one of the most visually stunning & powerfully adaptful storylines in animation that I’ve ever had the privilege to watch! “Gracias for brightening my day…
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Magic Lighting & Tooling: Review

💡“Our Lord & Savior when Eskom hits a blunder with the electricity we paid for. Magical Lighting & Tooling is the solar energy supplier we’ve been looking for!”🔆 Magic Lighting & Tooling are a Lenasia based company established December 2018 who specialize in Solar + Electronic lighting & the various tools you may need. They…
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