Black Panther Movie Review & Comic Con AFRICA


Black Panther Movie Review & Comic Con AFRICA

Buenos Dias

#BlackPanther crossed the Billion Dollar mark at the box office!
Me rn:

Video of kids at Ron Clark Academy finding out they’re going to see Black Panther
{Disclaimer: This post MAY contain some Spoilers, though I tried my hardest to minimize that, so chillax}
What an awesome week it’s been so far! This whole journey started on Sunday when I scored tickets to go see the Black Panther Movie. Shout out to Noree Victoria!!


I was pleasantly surprised that they were for the VIP theater @ Traderoute Mall’s NuMetro. Which included luxuriously comfy reclining leather seating!


What will really stand out for those into personal development is the amazing Leadership quotes & moments.



I love that they’ve each got their own Emoji on Twitter! Now while Chadwick Boseman is the lead & we fell in love with him via Civil War when he made his debut, I’d like to highlight these 3 characters from the movie that totally shattered barriers of a thousand & one stereotypes to come out as some of my absolutely favorite MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters of all time!

You may know her as the badass, Michonne from AMC’s The Walking Dead & I totally didn’t recognize her without her dreads. Okoye delivers one of the Most, if not Most Iconic sayings in the movie:

The saying that was instantly Hashtag’d which spanned of hundreds & hundreds of thousands of posts all over the internet. She’s so ABSOLUTE in this movie. She never wavers in her duty as a warrior to her country & the throne. Usually that kind of somewhat “blind obedience” irks us but she showed such strength in conviction that you couldn’t help but admire it.

This is why representation is so important! 

What are your thoughts on #BlackPanther‘s sister Shuri after having seen the movie?


She is unequivocally a BREAKOUT Star from this film!!! even titles:

Shuri, Black Panther’s teen girl genius, is Marvel’s most promising character in ages

Move over, Tony Stark.

From her epic style, to her mad technology & engineering skills. From her wacky humor to her cunning adaptability. She is truly one of a kind. Called by many as their New FAVORITE Disney Princess !
Here are some of her Best Quotes in the Movie:

This corset is really uncomfortable. So can we wrap this up & go home?

The real question is, what are THOSE?

Guess what I call them? Sneakers.

Great, another broken white boy for me to fix.

Don’t scare me like that, Colonizer!

is the BEST!!! 😂🤣❤🔥🔥

I was laughing the loudest in the cinema for her cause she cracked me up so much. I have such crush vibes on her right now.

I had a bad taste of Michael B Jordan in the last Fantastic Four movie so I wasn’t too jazzed for him to be the Black Panther’s main villain, tbh. I’m so ecstatic & humbled that I was so so severely WRONG in my assumption that he would ruin this villain.

because WHISTLE* @michaelbjordan SLAYED at #Killmonger 🔥🔥🔥as a villain coz even as a badass mofo the dude got you all up in them feels at the end! 😢🤣😎 His back story & motivations for doing what he does in the movie are insanely well developed & so compelling to sympathize & empathize with. It’s been a long long time since a movie or tv villain has done that to me. 

EPIC sketch of my Favorite Black Panther character atm.
Mega Thank you to 
He also delivered My Personal Favorite line in the Movie that completely floored me in depth & compassion:

“Bury me in the ocean. Just like my ancestors who jumped off the ships. Because they knew Death was better than a Life of Bondage.”😭💔🤘

I was curious on one thing though. So I took to my favorite social media platform, Twitter, to post my Question.

The Answer:

I utterly enjoyed every minute & moment of this movie. From the epic & picturesque fight scenes to the quiet, unnerving depth filled scenes especially between fathers and sons. From the mesmerizing scenery that makes you almost entirely BELIEVE that Wakanda is a Real place in Africa right now to the captivating culture of this fictional society.

Black Panther has received critical acclaim, with praise directed toward its visuals, screenplay, characters, direction, costume design, action sequences, soundtrack, and performances. Critics considered it as one of the best films set in the MCU and noted its cultural significance. It has grossed over $426 million worldwide, and its four-day opening weekend gross of just under $242 million in the United States was the second-highest of all time. Its three-day gross of $202 million was the fifth-highest of all-time and also set the record for biggest debut by an African American director
The director of #BlackPanther #RyanCoogler. (Only 31)
He had $900k budget 4 #Fruitvale Station it made 16 mil.
Had 40 mil bud 4 #Creed it made 173 mil.
#Marvel gave him 200+ million budget 4 Black Panther.
Most eva given 2 an #African American director

This is JUST the beginning. Black Panther is on track to SMASH through so many barriers & milestones, it’ll leave your head in a tailspin. Waaaaakanda ForrrrrrRRrrrEver!!!.

I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this Movie to everyone.

Comic Con is coming to Africa!!! 
#ComicConAfrica #YourHeroesAreComing
Do not miss the first Comic Con Africa, which will take place at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit & International Convention Center from the 14th–16th Sept 18
The Entire Africa Fandom RN:
you have No Idea what it means for that chubby, nerdy spectacle-wearing kid who use to read comics by flash light under the covers or endlessly youtube Comic Con videos just to Dream of one day being there. Experiencing the atmosphere, the people, the panels, the cosplays. AND now to be actually within a few months distance of it, right HERE in JOHANNESBURG! If that ain’t the power of Dreaming BIG & Positive Will Power with some LUCK, I dunno what is, yo. 

Just imagine all the cosplays. I bet there will be tons of #BlackPanther related ones this year. 😍😍

To give you a tastes here’s the incomparable Ms Khahliso & her husband cosplaying 
the queen mother aka Ramonda & the Black Panther aka T’Challa respectively
I swear the #BlackPanther fans be re-inventing #African #Fashion rn yo.😍😍😍


Have you seen the Black Panther Movie Yet? 
If So, what are your Feelings on it? If not, WHY NOT?
Are you excited for Comic Con? Will you be cosplaying? Leave a comment below. 



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this is LIT!🔥
Black Panther weekend is already off to a great start with celebrity freestyles and fashion killers taking center stage.
Someone at was so hype, they decided to ask what if Black Panther took over the “Icon” status from Jaden Smith
The track “Young King” was born.
Watch the hilarious bars from the Wakandan royalty below!

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17 Responses

  1. OMG �� if I wasn’t so excited already to watch Black Panther, your review makes me want to head to the cinema right now. I didn’t know Danai Gurira is Okoye, love her!!!! ❤️😍
    I’m very excited for comic con africa.
    #ComicConAfrica Truly wonderful time to be alive. The future is now.😍❤️🎉

  2. Wakanda forever!!!!!!

    This movie is just too much. I was so disappointed that it didn't come out last year but it was so worth the wait!!
    Shuri is one of my absolute favs!! She's so amazing!
    And when our own South African songs were played, I was so excited!! Not to forget how amazing our south african actors portrayed their characters! Proudly South African feels!!

    And comicon in SA!! What amazing news!! Wish I could see the cosplayers and all the merch 😀

  3. Sigrid Says says:

    Ha! Thankfully, I have already watched this movie with my husband! I love the movie and the portrayal of all the actors. My only complaint is that Black Panther needs to have more emotion. Or at least some emotion in his eyes. There are many times that he looks blank. But I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

    And oh, it also helped that we watched it in the comforts of CityMall Premier Cinema!

  4. Komal Patel says:

    This is the 4th review I have seen! People are loving it. I have been meaning to see it but honestly if I don’t I won’t be too disappointed lol!

  5. Nikki L says:

    I've just read a review on this movie but I've still not seen it. It seems that people are absolutely loving it so I'm really looking forward to seeing it too – perhaps a movie date night is needed soon!

  6. Alison Rost says:

    Definitely a movie that's worth watching especially since there's so much to learn from and love about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

  7. Msddah A says:

    Amazing movie; the casts were out of this world. I am thinking to myself that I have to re-watch this movie. Great quotes & post!

  8. Ami Rose says:

    I've read a couple of reviews about this now and it's making me want to see it. Maybe it'll be my first Marvel film.

    Ami xxx

  9. I am dying to see this movie, god knows what I am playing and not watching it. I don't have my daughter this evening, so maybe i'll go and watch.

  10. I still haven't watched it 🙁 I have been avoiding spoilers. Your post made me even more desperate to watch the movie!

  11. Oh my this film is everywhere – it must be a good watch, as everyone is talking about this. Cant wait to see this!! x

  12. I have heard a lot about this Black Panther. This is a lovely review here. Nicely written.

  13. Wow it feels like everyone has seen this film but me today! Its not really one I fancy but my husband can't wait to go!

  14. Di says:

    watched it at the weekend and absolutely loved it. I loved the strong female characters the most. brains, beauty and they kickass!

  15. Jean says:

    I’m yet to have seen the film but know people who have and enjoyed it. I’m glad uig liked it too! I’ll have to try and catch it at the cinema.

  16. Lyka says:

    One thing that I've been thinking the whole time while I was a the cinema watching this movie–girl power! Marvel really did a great job on this, and the casting was incredible!

  17. I still have yet to see the movie. However the thing everyone seems to be talking about are the characters. They seem like really strong characters that can teach us a lot.

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