CATAN Boardgame Review & Reactions


CATAN Boardgame Review & Reactions

“Winter wonder warmness in a box. Reclaim a side of you that enjoys strategy & fun.
Come for the resources, “Settle” for more. 6/6 Dice Roll.”

Buenos Dias

Around the 14th April I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from @SolarpopGoPlay

Unboxing the magic from @SolarpopGoPlay



🔘the Dungeons & Dragons Essential Kit

🔘CATAN boardgame

🔘RPG Dice pack

🔘DnD expansion player handbook

Check out #UnplugYourselfZA @UnplugZA for more.

Thank you, Arigato & Gracias🤘❤️


Video Link

I am truly humbled & honored to receive all this from them. It’s been an amazing experience playing with these games, reconnecting with friends & family as we enjoyed playing through the campaigns. They are truly hours of engaging fun & excellence.

Basics of How To Play

I wish we had this video when we started. Charles Tertiens drills it down so easily for everyone to understand. Shout out to him for helping me with any questions we had about the game, he really took the time to explain it to me. Brilliant video!

Over the easter weekend we played #CATAN Boardgame during load shedding. Which is the perfect time to play, no distractions of technology & everyone can pay full attention, making the game more challenging.

We really got into it once we understood the flow of the game. Pretty soon we were actively strategizing against each other for the coveted resources. It’s such a cozy game, I felt peaceful playing this. The peace of being in my PJs, no drama, just playing a game with family & friends in the seclusion of my own home.

I really felt like an OG nerd with this boardgame helping me reclaim a part of me I thought long lost.

Any nerds on this app? Now that it’s cool to be one. I’m OG nerd back when we still got bullied for being one. We had so much fun though, it was our own worlds. Playing #CATAN felt like reclaiming that. Thank you @SolarpopGoPlay Y’all don’t understand this peace.

“Catan is the perfect game for winter evenings or a rainy day. It is totally fun and immersive. It requires forethought and planning which leads to the satisfaction of a game well played. Some may say that it requires an entrepreneurial mind and I tend to agree. It has become so popular that it is being used as a verb, with people asking do you Catan?” explains Galliford.

Interesting Facts*

  • Catan is a multi-award-winning boardgame believed to have launched the modern boardgame movement.
  • It has sold over 25 million copies worldwide in 30 different languages.
  • It was invented by a German dental technician called Klaus Teuber
  • In 2015, 1040 participant —including Klaus Teuber himself—gathered around an expanded board at Germany’s Spiel convention for the largest game of Catan ever played.
  • LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and former Mozilla chief executive John Lilly have all networked over a game of Catan at corporate retreats.
  • After 20 years on the market, the manufacturers of The Settlers of Catan decided it was time for a name change. So, since 2015, all new editions are simply titled Catan.


Catan boardgame, the extension set as well as Catan: Cities & Knights Game Expansion, Catan: Explorers & Pirates Expansion, Catan: Seafarers Expansion and Catan: Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension are available from xxxxx for RRP:

For more boardgame ideas and to find out what’s new, go to

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Through the month of April we ran a giveaway to WIN a CATAN Boardgame to the value of R1099,00.

Drum Roll Please





AanNNnnDDdddDdddD the

WINNER of a #CATAN Boardgame isssss🎊🎉

Birthday Girl @nicollehirst, I hope you & @Momthewordx2 enjoy your 1st campaign together. 🙌🎉🎊

Help us Congratulate Them!🙌



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