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The Pre-Order Link is Finally LIVE!

You can now order a Signed copy of my book for delivery or if you’re coming to the launch, at a discount.

WIN Comic Con Africa 2022 Tickets! Giveaway

Comic-Con Africa 2022 Ticket Sales Now Open Comic-Con Africa Announces Phase 1 Ticket Sales For Its Return In 2022 Use my Discount Code: Alfonzo10 Buy Tickets HERE: ONLY valid until 5 December 2021. After a sold-out Black Friday Blowout ticket sale, pop culture and gaming fans are excited for ComicCon Africa‚Äôs return in 2022.…
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Book Cover Reveal – THE CURED: REBIRTH

Buenos Dias!! Back with an unbelievably amazing announcement. Say hello to the cover of my soon-to-be-published book! I can’t even believe how magnificent this came out. When I started working with the publishing cover designer I had absolutely no bloody concept of what my book cover would be, I certainly didn’t have it even back…
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My Book is Getting Published!!!

Buenos Dias MOST exciting news I’ve ever shared on here, which takes me back to my FIRST every blog post & reminds me of the reason I started this blog in the first place. TO GET PUBLISHED! Now it’s finally happening. My book The Cured: Rebirth is getting published! I cannot even describe this feeling,…
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Movie Review: Wonder Woman WW84

THE BEST MOVIE of the Year that I’ve had the Privilege to Watch. Filled with a Multitude of the Greatest Film Elements you Hope for in a SuperHero Movie.


ūüē∑“With Great Creative Power comes the Greatest Spider-Man Film That Has Been Made! Miles Morales¬†is the dopest black Spider-Man we didn’t know we needed!”ūüē∑ Buenos Dias!Today, thanks to CRAVING NOVITY¬†I¬†get¬†to¬†talk¬†about one of the most visually stunning & powerfully adaptful storylines in animation that I’ve ever had the privilege to watch! “Gracias for brightening my day…
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Spiderman Vs Superman: Let’s compare

So who came first? Spiderman or Superman? Who intro’d their premiere superhero first? Marvel or DC? Both these heroes have become widely known as their respective Comic giant’s ultimate good guy superhero fantastico. Let’s take a look at some similarities first: I can’t help but wonder if these traits are exactly what makes them so…
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