Heartwarming Book Review By Nando Gigaba


Heartwarming Book Review By Nando Gigaba

Book Review for THE CURED: REBIRTH

The Cured: Rebirth by Enricoh Alfonzo
Young Adult | Science Fiction
Summary: The Cured: Rebirth is a work of fiction that imagines a worldwhere the is a cure for cancer and how the cure changes William Scott andthe world forever.

“I saw your rebirth William and it was gloriously beautiful.”
— Monique Velasquez —

Thank you Enricoh Alfonzo for the advance reader copy (ARC) of The Cured: Rebirth.

“Serious as a heart attack” was my demeanor when I got the book. I pulled out theold stationary bag, found a notebook and pen,
Headline: The Cured Notes, I would honor this ARC by taking notes and writing a thoughtful and detailed review. But theheadline is all wrote the entirety of me reading the book sigh. I felt a bit guilty atfirst that I didn’t write down a single note, but I had to let go of the feeling. It wasn’t my fault after all — it was the author’s fault for writing a captivating page-turner which didn’t allow me enough time to put it down to write writes notes.
The Cured reads like two books. Chapters one to thirteen,
book one
which deals heavily with the effects of cancer on those who have it and their loved ones, and Chapter fourteen to twenty-six,
book two
the after-effects all the decisions made before the cure was discovered.
What Enricoh is able to do really well in the first thirteen chapters of the book is capture the devastating effects of cancer on families’ lives and those diagnosed with the disease. Throughout reading those chapters my mind kept going to a documentary I once watched on
YouTube by Justin Robinson “My Bother Jordan”
which has been my reference
(as a person who has not been directly affected by cancer)
to the devastating effects of cancer. It didn’t feel like a work of fiction, I had moments when I felt like I was intruding in someone’s personal lives — reading from their journal.
William Scott’s and Emma Ornnam’s love was bittersweet. Everyone dreams of having someone who will love you unconditionally as marriage vows go,
“till do uspart”
, these two loved, It was messy, it was sweet, it was everything and more.

I liked how most questions I had were eventually answered. How Enricoh is able to plant a seed for an idea in earlier chapters and when the fruits for those seeds arefinally revealed, it’s so fulfilling. He leaves no room for you to question the answer that’s given and he makes it worth the wait.
I also love all the pop culture references which, once again makes the book relatable and makes you forget now and then it’s a work of fiction.
Even though I was puzzled by certain references, like William’s love for Linkin Park and songs other songs such as Eminem’s Lose Yourself or his crush on Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie. If there’s a TikTok reference on the book which went public in 2017 & William is fifteenth — technically he should be born in 2002/3 maybe even later buthe’s listening to songs from the year he was born in. Which seemed to me like something he may have picked up from an older sibling, which he does not have and I’m not sure his mom and dad would be Linkin Park fans. Emma may have picked it up from spending a lot of time around him. Wish that had a one-line of two just to understand this strange kid’s music and movie taste [Or maybe it’s a nerd thing or he’s just an old soul and that’s how he ends up with Monique thinking maybe I should stop overthinking it].
Oh, I almost forgot, Emma with a yahoo account, how old are these kids? Haha! The last time I heard of someone using a yahoo account, they were a butt of a joke.
I’d be amiss if I did not make mention of how brilliant the humor in this book is. Generally, the chemistry between the characters is amazing, Enricoh is able to find just the right words to make you feel exactly what the protagonist, love interest(s),confidants, deuteragonists, and antagonist are feeling.
I’ve already stated, the book feels like two books (maybe it should have Part 1 & Part 2 pages so as to make the transitions between the two parts clear). I dwelled a lot on the first part because I had a
“roll eyes, this story is gonna die now”
moment, but surprisingly the second part far exceeded my expectations —
DRAMA!!! Claps once
I often have “favorite quotes” in books, but I have favorite moments which would bean essay on its own, so I will get into non, but if you wanted to extend an invitation to a book discussion of the book, I wouldn’t turn it down haha.
If you’re asking yourself
“why should you read this book”
that’s not the correctquestion. The correct question is
“why shouldn’t you be reading this book”
and the answer is simple:
there’s no reason why you shouldn’t read it
The Cured: Rebirth
ticks every box in the book genre: If you’re into romance, tick. If you’re into crime and mystery, tick. If you’re into sci-fi, tick. It’s all-around tick, tick, tick-tock you’re wasting time, you should be getting the book or reading it by now.
Rating: I was leaning towards a four stars rating, but that last page of the book deserves its own star, so it’s a five-star rating.

I would just like to give a heart-felt & sincere Thank You from my author core to Nando Gigaba for this elegant & wonderful review. I love how extensive & well-thought it is. I never thought in a million years someone would enjoy the book enough to write something like this. It’s the type of thing I would do for an author I recently discovered & enjoyed so it’s such a wish-fulfillment thing for me. It means everything to me & more, I will spend a very long time proving my gratitude to him. This is pure magic if ever I’ve experienced it. Never been more humbled nor honored in my life.

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~Words are immortal.~ Enricoh Alfonzo

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