Hire Alfonzo Words for Social Media Promotions


Hire Alfonzo Words for Social Media Promotions

Welcome to 

Alfonzo Words

Alfonzo Words is a Social Media Influencer brand that focuses on promotional packages via various social media platforms to ensure a variety of exposure for the desired project.

The brand has seen exponential growth over the past year since inception in the form of 200 000 page views per month within the blogging sphere. Two twitter accounts each averaging over 1 million impressions per month as a result of targeting marketing & promotional planning. Instagram has also seen this type of transformation with + 1000 likes per post.

From this we’ve created a platform template that can be applied to other businesses based on the required need assessment to deliver their desired online presence.

Enricoh Alfonzo, is now trending in South Africa
Cell: +27782531566
Twitter: @Alfonzowords
Instagram: @Alfonzowords
Website: Alfonzo Words
Facebook: Alfonzo Words

a.   Our

We focus on clearly defining the goals and
activities which will get measurable results for you. Whether it’s a marketing
campaign or a social media strategy, we know that we have to help you achieve
your business goals.

b.   Our

Just like no artist or builder can work
without tools, we constantly evaluate and select tools to help us manage
efficiently and effectively. 

1.  Goals

Our ultimate goal is to achieve
results from Social Media activities. However, in order to achieve these goals,
we’ll make sure that our activities are efficient and focused on specific

2.  Promotions
– Social Campaigns

are excited to propose the promotion of social media Campaigns which tie into your marketing initiatives and fit your goals. An integrated social
media campaign is more than just posting promotions for a sale, giveaway, or
contest you wish to run.

After discussing your upcoming promotions or ideas for
campaigns, we can quickly create and schedule social campaigns to augment your
marketing promotions or to run standalone on your social networks. We’ll agree
on a goal such as the number of entries, reach, or clicks on your posted links,
then get going. We will take care of keeping the drumbeat going by scheduling a
series of posts, and if there are entries to be collected and winners to be
announced we’ll take care of that too.

We will also monitor and measure
the campaign metrics as it progresses. A campaign can be run for as short as a
day, or as long as six months. We’re uniquely able to provide summarized –
campaign level analytics for the social activities in the campaign.  Campaigns results can be compared to each
other so the best offers, giveaways, or contests can be replicated.

3.  Summary

Alfonzo Words is uniquely
positioned to provide you with the social media management services and results
you need to help grow your business or achieve your goals. We hope that you
have gotten a detailed view into how we manage the social media for our
clients, and have the confidence you need to select Alfonzo Words for this

Highest Ranking Blog Posts:
Cover Reveal: Secrets to Shine Through the Noise
Literature Tag: Kathe Messina
Reese WitherSpoon: 5 Lessons You Taught Me

Some high ranking tweets:

Recent Instagram promo posts:

4.  Fees

An assessment will be done
with you to establish the best possible package.

Posting / Content Creation / Creation
Monitoring & Engagement
Promotions & Social Campaigns
Analytics & Reporting
Other Activities
$ —–
$ —–

5.  Contact

Cell: +27782531566
Twitter: @Alfonzowords
Instagram: @Alfonzowords
Website: Alfonzo Words
Facebook: Alfonzo Words

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words
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  1. ChevsLife says:

    All the best Enricoh! I am sure any business will find great value through your reach.

  2. Good luck in your business venture!

  3. Alfonzo Words sounds like a great brand. I really need to look into hiring!

  4. Tammy says:

    Good luck with your new business venture

  5. Best of luck in your business! I think you have found a good niche.

  6. Congratulations on your success! I'm sure that your business will help many.

  7. Congrats! starting your own business is such a great adventure! good luck! x corinne

  8. Good luck in your business it sounds like you have a lot of offer your customers.

  9. Sounds really promising! All the best 🙂

  10. Betty Boiron says:

    Congrats on your business. Alfonzo Words seems to be going great for you and a wish you success in the future.

  11. Sounds like a great service you are offering. Here is to a great year.

  12. Deanna says:

    That is awesome, it is so cool to see growth. Good luck on your business.

  13. fashionmommy says:

    You've done so well so far, good luck as your business continues to grow.

  14. You are doing so well. Congrats! Good luck with your growth.

  15. Alfonzo Words sounds amazing, keep the great work and soon you'll achive big success! Good luck on your business.

  16. Wow! You're doing amazing things. I love seeing the growth you've experienced. Many good wishes are sent your way for continued business prosperity.

  17. Ophelia T says:

    You are doing great things. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  18. criss_riyu says:

    Congrats and good luck! You done great till know. Keep it up!

  19. I'm glad you're finally putting this up! I know you will do great and with the amount of social interaction you have, success is just a push of a button away. Well done Enricoh 😀

  20. Susan Sue says:

    These are solid stats.You have worked hard for it, all the best with the pay off!

  21. Awesome business proposal. It's great that you're doing the best job and that you're reliable as well.

  22. Wishing you all the best. With good stats, you are surely to do well.

  23. Enjoy London says:

    Wow so impressive well done I am sure you have an amazing future we done I found so much inspiration on your post

  24. Sounds like you're off to an amazing start! Trending like that is such a good sign – congrats!

  25. Mike says:

    Great Stats! This is a great venture and proposal. Congratulations.

  26. Anosa says:

    Wow, congratulations on your numbers. It's amazing! I wish you good luck and I'll refer you in case someone will be needing it.

  27. You're doing big things now, friend! Congratulations and best wishes on your business endeavors!

  28. Karlyn cruz says:

    Congrats to you! Keep it up. I'm sure your business will be success.

  29. Congrats to the great work. To be trending is awesome.

  30. Heather says:

    Good luck in a new business venture! It is always so much fun to get out there and do what you are passionate about!

  31. ana de jesus says:

    I would like to know more, would you be able to email me via my blog contact form please? Not home at the moment x

  32. Congrats on your growth over the course of the year!

  33. Denice says:

    Congratulations on your new business venture! I do hope that everything works out for your social media business. 🙂

  34. You are amazing!! You will have much success.

  35. Alayna says:

    Congratulations on your success this far! We look forward to connecting with you!

  36. Eliz Frank says:

    Good for you Alfonso! I'm very impressed by your numbers and the effort you make. Kudos.

  37. Jess Holmes says:

    Congrats Alfonso! Seem like you're off to a great start and rising quickly!

  38. Christine says:

    Congrats!! And best of luck in your business!

  39. Katja Knox says:

    Congratulations on your success! I'm sure that you'll help a lot of people!
    Katja xxx

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  44. Eugenia says:

    Great achievement Ricoh! I think I should hire you someday! 🙂 Really proud of you, my friend!

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