Lucifer (TV Series): Review


Lucifer (TV Series): Review

The Devil has a Heart.
Can Satan be redeemed?

In a hilarious modern twist to classical mythology, Lucifer Morningstar has got his own TV series. In this mythos, The King of Hell has taken a vacation from ruling the tormented souls in the Underworld and has taken up residence in Los Angeles no less. There he owns a club called Lux, an up-scale domain of depravity and lustful connections, true to his style hey? Through an assassination attempt, Lucifer meets the feisty detective, Chloe Decker who seems to be immune to his one of his four powers on earth – compelling people to reveal their innermost desires to him. His other powers include immortality, strength & scary demonic illusions. ‘Ol Lucy becomes fascinated with solving crimes with Chloe, reveling in the punishment portion of the job.
To no surprise, the One Million Mums website under with the American Family Association (AFA) has taken up a petition against the show with a campaign saying the show “will glorify Satan as a caring, likable person in human-flesh.” The group has been labelled a Hate group on more than one occasion, taking up an issue with portrayals such as Marvel & DC adding gay/transgender heroes to their superpowered roster. You get the picture. Parents do have every right to be concerned about the elements their children are being exposed to, being that it is Their children after all but when are they going to learn that controversy Sells! People get bored, especially in this internet, social media crazed generation. They want new, they want against the grain/outside the box stuff. Nobody made E.L James, author of the Fifty Shades series, a butt load of money because she wrote about a safe, moderate romance.  I laugh because it was tagged as “Mom porn”. I wonder what those One Million Mums had an issue with then?
Back to topic. The actor who plays Lucifer is Tom Ellis, the debonair English charm he brings to the character is definitely a plus for the show. It brings a uniqueness to the character and suits the Devils antics. However the stereotypical “cop solving cases with a CI (confidential informant)” has left me concerned about the show’s future. I mean after the Mentalist, can there really be anyone better? That portrayal is still fresh in our minds. It would need to die down before another could captivate us. The crime procedural dramatic is just too played out. I want a show where you can’t see the killer coming. Like in the TV Series Scream. Now that is a killer I never saw coming!
So far there has been only one full-blooded angel shown, Amenadiel who has been tasked with putting Lucifer back on the throne of Hell to control those damned souls. He looks like this.
Ok, I have to admit those wings are wickedly cool but like the Constantine TV series awhile back, the angel is boring with no depth.
I have to admit Lucifer is just one of those shows I follow hoping for a better twist or more entertaining plots. Like a badass battle or a fully powered Lucifer. I mean hello, he’s frickkin Lucifer! The only angel who could hold a candle to him, was Michael and this is all he has left? Not cool bro. I understand the premise, having heavens most hated angel turn mortal and experience being a human as if it was all his Father’s grand plan for him. Sigh. In all honesty, I have yet to see a Lucifer who truly embodies the status of Satan. Portrayals have so far been too “Human”. It really is time that we see the ultimate evil that is Satan and not a washed down version. Don’t you think?
On the plus side, Tom Ellis really makes the show worth watching. He’s witty, funny and doesn’t take anything seriously. Now I understand what a “devil may care attitude” is. He makes you want to watch more.
Next Episode: “#TeamLucifer”, airs April 18, 2016.
Rotten Tomatoes gave the series a 49% approval rating, with an average rating of 5.2/10 based on 35 reviews.
Personal Rating: 7/10
In the days to come, I will add more reviews of my favorite TV shows and Movies.  
Let me know your thoughts about the show. All views are welcome.
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What post would be complete without an Angel-winged Lucifer. Epic Artwork by Tricksterkat209

Update to this Post:
The season finale brought with it the twist I was looking for! Thoroughly enjoyed the episode & it’s plot. Pushes my Personal Rating to 8/10. Excited about the next season!

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  1. Ron Hanneman says:

    he is a good looking Lucifer but he needs a goatee and horns

  2. I love the series. I think Tom Ellis really did justice to the comics. The concept that Lucifer is just misconstrued as being evil, has no control over human nature as humans indulge in their perverses on their own free will. I simply just punishes the sinners. Something to think about.

  3. adrain Smith says:

    FOX released the official synopsis, promotional photos and preview for the Season 3 Episode 15Lucifer – High School Poppycock, airing February, 26th. Check out the description and sneak peek photos as well as the promotional trailer for the highly anticipated new episode online at official website.

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