Movie Review: Wonder Woman WW84


Movie Review: Wonder Woman WW84

THE BEST MOVIE of the Year that I’ve had the Privilege to Watch. Filled with a Multitude of the Greatest Film Elements you Hope for in a SuperHero Movie.

Peter Debruge
A vibrant and virtuous adventure packed with all the heart and heroism we’ve come to expect from DC’s shining light. Wonder Woman 1984 really is the hero 2020 needed all along

The SUPERHERO SPECTACLE we need right now.
Wonder Woman 1984 is POWERFUL, BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING from the Epic opening scenes on Themyscira showing us some fantastic environments to the beautiful airplane flying in the fireworks scene, this movie has it all, nostalgia, love, and hope. The way Gal Gadot plays the role Wonder Woman, looks like she was born to play this role. The movie made brought the emotions in me, I never knew a movie could bring. This is definitely the movie 2020 needed to end on!

As a person who loves the first film, watching ww84 did not disappoint me. It filled me with hope, optimism, and wonder especially in this terrible 2020. WW84 has a lot of surprises that the filmmakers didn’t do in the first film, and that risk they took was what make WW84 wonderful.
Character wise, they give a lot of depth on the characters, especially to the villains as we get to see their soft side and their ascend into villainy. The movie does them justice.
Overall it’s an entertaining, worthy sequel and feel good.

A thrilling and exciting, colorful film that reignites the spark that has been missing in the superhero genre. Hats off to Gal, she was amazing.

Wonder Woman is the hero 2020 so desperately needed. The movie is a shining beacon in an otherwise dark and depressing year for cinema. After four years and two delays, WW1984 was worth the wait. Following Shazam and Birds of Prey, WW1984 continues the DCEU’s winning streak after several big potholes in DC’s road to a shared universe that rivals Marvel.

Wonder Woman is, without doubt, a rollicking delight filled with hope, colorful action, and good performances from a stellar cast, all from start to finish. Pedro Pascal is, brilliant in his role as Maxwell Lord but Kristen Wiig, despite my early reservations, was fantastic as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah. Wiig absolutely owns the role, whilst the producers (thankfully) do justice to her CGI counterpart.

Just like this scene, the Movie is a Kaleidoscope of Wonder & Magic, Truly a Spectacle to Captivate Your Every Sense & Sensation.

I; Enricoh Alfonzo; undoubtedly, vehemently, and whole-heartedly recommend this movie!

Below Will be SPOILERS as I don’t see how you can do Justice to a proper Movie Review without talking about the whole production in its entirety. Stay Tuned/ Will update Today.

If my niece was old enough right now I would totally watch this with her just so she can learn the lessons of this movie & about how it’s not just about Women Empowerment but so so much more in terms of Depth of One’s Character.
We live in a world where the answer to everything is MORE & MORE. We always want more, what we can’t have, what we shouldn’t have & what we want we TAKE, without much thought to the consequence or detriment of others or even this world we live in. This movie provides a compelling look into this theme of humanity. What would happen is we all get our wishes? What happens if we get what we want in void of what matters most to us. It is curious that most times what our wishes are is not what matters most to us. And if given the choice would we give what we most desire in favor of what matters most to us? Wonder Woman isn’t just a straightforward Hero VS Villain storyline, it actually brings in twists which is what left me pleasantly surprised.

Let’s take Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah:
You know this character might be an exaggeration in the movie but the core of her make it very relatable, there’s many of us that feel sometimes unseen or unheard. Like there will be people around but no one really paying attention to you. But Barbara tries you know, she’s always trying to initiate contact. And while I thought this was going to be another Electro drama from Amazing Spiderman 2 where the villain is an over the top geek/nerd then becomes powerful only to be a complete jerk & annoy me. It’s so over done now, get over it. And gladly they did coz this was not the case with Barbara. She was warm, funny & cuddly. She just wanted to belong & in a moment of envy she wished to be like Diana, thanks to the dreamstone, she did though at the expense of her core emotions like the warmth. You see Diana became her friend, genuinely & this contributed supremely to the outcome of Barbara’s character development. Sometimes all you need is that one friend to SEE you, the actual you even when you get noticed, beautiful, awesome & the world feels like yours for the taking it’s that friendship that humbles you. I feel like that’s what happened here, Diana was able to reach that version of Barbara that was her true friend, to hear her words. Don’t get me wrong Kristen can totally pull off cuddly scientist vs sexy badass. But I just enjoy that this was a redemption story as much as an origin story. See we want power, & it feels amazing to have it but not at the expense of losing everything you are to begin with.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord: is no exception to this level of character development. Pedro is just one of those actors that can just play both hero or villain & we love him. It’s awesome. I mean throughout the movie you think this guy is LONG long gone into his greed & power. You think this is just the stereotypical villain stuck in his ways of world domination and for the most part that’s true until Diana does the unexpected, using the Lasson of Truth she taps into his past while talking to the entire world in a beautifully moving speech that shows of the humanity we all still have left in us to renounce their wishes. It’s really moving & motivating.

Oh, and they brought back Lynda Carter, the actual time period 1984 Wonder Woman. Wow. And in such a tasteful way. So the legend of the Gold Armor is that an Amazon, their greatest warrior “Hesteria?{Can’t remember lol} who sacrificed herself to protect the Amazons. However, turns out she’s alive! And that’s who Lynda is in this movie. So cool.

Now let’s talk about one of my Favorite moments of the movie!

Diana Takes Flight for the First TIME!! Wonder Woman is FLYING!

I mean there’s no gifs of her doing it yet, but its right after this Iconic scene from the trailer of Diana using the Lasson to straddle & swing from Lightning which is Epically Dope by itself.

I mean the plothole here is that she never flew in Batman v Superman or Justice League… but who cares, She freaking Flew!! And it started with her having to give up her one Wish: to Have Steve Trevor back. I was wondering how they brought him back in this time, it was wish well granted it put his spirit/soul from heaven into another human man but still. Anyway realizing that the World was perfect & beautiful already without all the wishes, she knew that she had to renounce her wish & give up Steve to get her powers back. The walking away & running to jumping into the sky {hancock style} brought on all the goosebumps. While in the air Diana recalled Steve words on why & how he loves to Fly. She takes it in, harnessing the winds, embracing them, gliding elegantly along them into the stratosphere! What a momentous moment! And while the Man of Steel flight was all power, hers was about Serenity & flow with the universe. See Steve helped her realize that she wasn’t really living, not experiencing the world or see all that it has to offer.

This World is So So Many Things/…..

To wishing on what could be, what you want to be. Start building on what we already have. Evolve beyond this mentality of WANT WANT & MORE MORE. Starting SEEING & GIVING into a future for all of us.

This is an artwork I found at Comic Con Africa last year. It was actually the only artwork I bought at the entire Con. I was just so captivated with it. The modernization of colors & shades with depth of the render. I just had to get it. ARTIST: WYNFORD

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