My Book is Getting Published!!!


My Book is Getting Published!!!

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MOST exciting news I’ve ever shared on here, which takes me back to my FIRST every blog post & reminds me of the reason I started this blog in the first place. TO GET PUBLISHED!
Now it’s finally happening. My book The Cured: Rebirth is getting published! I cannot even describe this feeling, it’s surreal.

The Book will be distributed to over +40 000 Retailers all around the world!

Big Endless Thank You to @CandiceRijavec for making this happen!

Book TitleThe Cured: Rebirth

Genre- Young Adult Science Fiction Superhero Fantasy Transhumanism

Novel Tagline:
Teen discovers a Cure for Cancer & has to make the Ultimate Choice.
Save his Love or Save the World.

I got tired of always reading or watching severely emotional, touching & at times downright depressing stories centered around cancer or “sicklit” as it’s called. So this book of mine is Wish Fulfillment for those that want to read about a world where cancer is Cured!

If you would like an ARC copy to review, please fill in the contact form on my site & request it.

I have released short scenes from the book which you can check out here:

The First Date

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I just finished off the final edits of my manuscript to send to my publisher to do the content layouts & finalize cover design.

I’ve always wanted to be an author & now I finally get to be one. A fully published one! Totally different from just a part-time hobby. This emboldens me to say that I will continue writing books & just writing till the day I expire on this earth. Because even then I know my words will live on forever. It’s a lifelong passion that I look forward to embracing. There’s magic in words, unparalleled magic.

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