#PokemonGO – 5 Lessons You Taught Me


#PokemonGO – 5 Lessons You Taught Me

Happy #PokemonDAY y’all!

So excited & honored to be doing this post. I have been a massive fan of Pokemon since childhood.
From the weekly tuning into the animated TV show to the collecting of those Tazos to the endless hours of playing the games that came out. So I believe I’m uniquely qualified (insane hours clocked on all things Pokemon related), to talk to you about the latest phenomenon called #PokemonGO and why it’s literally spanning across generations, oceans, and motions throughout the World.

But first, let’s watch the Trailer:

AMAZING right?!!! {That was rhetorical}

So what is #PokemonGO?

It’s a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic and published by The Pokémon Company as part of the Pokémon franchise.

Meaning>>> The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world. It makes use of GPS and the camera of compatible devices.
Why Should you care?
I’ll tell you why, my curiously awesome friends, I’ll tell you the 5 Lessons #PokemonGO has Taught Me. 
1. Get Up & Go!
As I mentioned, I’ve been playing the Pokemon games for years upon years, but in all that time where was I? Stuck at either my desktop PC or rooted to a comfy couch with my Gameboy in hand. There was that occasional “on the go” gaming but it was never a motivating factor.


What I love about this game is that it gets you moving in a way that others before haven’t. Think about it? What’s the last game you heard about that had a Vast amount of people actively and positively looking forward to leaving the house/office during peak hours. Since the game is GPS based and provides you with endless hours of fun with only a gentle nudge out the door. No matter how much you might hate moving around for whatever reason or how inactive you think you are this game will Change all of that.

How’s that for a mind-bending plot twist? Haha!
2. You never know 
…What’s going to cause disruption on a WorldWide Scale!

Within two days of its release, Pokemon GO overtook Tinder in daily active users on Android.

Now it’s near surpassing Twitter, one of the mainstayers in social networking for the past several years.


This is pretty huge – Twitter has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and nearly a decade to build its userbase to its current state, and Nintendo is managing to potentially beat that after a week. That’s INSANE! in the membrane {just had to say it}

The marketing aspect of this is mind boggling even more so than viral videos or adorable kittens. There’s no adequate nor even a wanted formula to describe Magic, it just happens. 


3. Diversity in a time of Adversity
Pokemon GO is making people, especially gamers much nicer & friendly. Where they use to be secluded and avoided human contact like the plague, are now out there interacting with gamers, no people, on a face to face basis. Social gatherings have been booming but at the heart of it? Resonation. Fellow PokemonGO gamers from all walks of life at all the ages & colors too are now socializing in comradery over their adventures and places been. Pick any park, go to it and just see all the human interaction going on. 
4. Disruption is to Change what is Nessecary
Yes, there will always be haters and naysayers, don’t even bother with what they’ve said about Uber or Twitter just compare bank accounts. Then compare with the above positive, life changing tweets. 
Change is met with resistance from those that are too use to the way things are. 
Success lies outside your comfort zone, it has never been found within it.
The businesses & people that have adapted to it have seen a sizable increase in customers & experiences. It might not have been the “plan” but they’ve risen to the challenge in new innovative ways that just makes me smile. 


5. Have Fun!
When was the last time you went for a walk? With a friend or family member?
When was the last time that was actually and truly a fun filled experience?
Read this post from the Trophy Wife Style
In it she talks about her experience from an unknowing user to a fully fledged trainer who has awesome bonding moments with her kids through the game. – Loved reading it.

I’ve physically seen both people I don’t know and people I do know jump into this game with unbelievable enthusiasm & vigor.


Read this awesome post by Dorkly.com titled:
8 Reasons Why Pokemon GO Is the Most Important Game of the Decade
As soon as I got the game I told my dad, I said, “Dad, let’s go for a walk and catch some pokemon.”
He was surprised, to say the least since he’s been trying to get me on walks for years and smiling brightly at my sudden burst of interest in activity of any kind. 

You have got to take any chance you get to have FUN, this is just one of them and boy is it entertaining.
In honor of my supreme fandom of Pokemon
Here is my sketch of the Original Starters
Squirtle, Bulbasaur & my personal favorite Charmander
From left to right: Squirtle, Bulbasaur & Charmander
Check out more FanArt Here

© Enricoh Alfonzo ~ Alfonzo Words

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45 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    top work as ever sir!
    Might need to check this out… though I suspect I'll be one of those who injure themselves walking into a wall when not looking!
    I'm hoping they eat cake!

  2. The Power of pokemon, I remember when pokemon the series first released and the hype was real. Being a child in primary school from watching the series to playing with the tazos and the crazy stories of pokemon coming to life, was such an amazing time. Being 27 and with this game coming out now, has brought back all those memories. What a time to be alive 😁😀😊☺😁

    "I wanna be the very best,
    Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real test,
    To train them is my cause.

    I will travel across the land,
    Searching far and wide.
    Each Pokemon to understand
    The power that's inside

    Pokemon, (gotta catch them all)…"

    Hahahaha still the best theme song ever!!!!

    Awesome post!!!!

    • Alfonzo says:

      hahahah! You win the prize of Best.Comment.Ever! I'm going to download that song right now. I love that this brought such memories to you.

  3. Alicia says:

    I've resisted downloading this app, but you've convinced me I need to go for it. With three boys in my house I know this is going to be extremely popular!

  4. This really has taken off in a big way. I am not a user of this app and probably never will. Just too busy with other things

  5. I wanna play this soo bad!! Love Pokemon!! Gotta catch em all!

  6. Heard about this Pokemon game for nearly two weeks already and I still keep mum about it. They say it is really addicting and I fear to introduce this to my boys as they might really be addicted to the game. Vacation is over and school is their priority.

    • Alfonzo says:

      I totally understand your reservation as a parent. But isn't there anything you find irresistable and/or addictive? Doesn't inherently mean that's a bad thing. Heck reading books or excercizing could be addictive to some… Which is why did this post on the valuable lessons learned from playing pokemon Go and also listed a famous & respected Mom blogger to help debunk any "rumors" or "suspicions" about the game where your child is involved. She has loads of bonding moments now with her daughter because they do it together and go for walks while having fun. Ofcourse school is a priority which is why this is great family fun, like how board games were played in the past.

  7. I wasn't into the whole Pokémon craze in the 90's. After reading this post, I ALMOST, want to try it. I do LOVE the sketch. I wish I could sketch like that! Thanks for writing an entertaining post and schooling me on Pokémon!!

  8. I love that this game is getting people outdoors. Now if people would just use common sense with the game.

  9. Eugenia says:

    I am not a huge fan of mobile games but Pokemon Go motivates me a lot! Love the idea of Interaction with others! I think I should download it…

  10. Azlin Bloor says:

    Interesting lessons you've drawn from it! I have to admit that I have never liked anything about Pokemon and my kids can't be bothered either. But I just downloaded the app yesterday and we might actually join in the fun!

  11. I have never had an interest in Pokemon but i do think that PokemonGo is great for fans. I really love that it is encouraging people to get out and make new friends.

  12. PokemonGo is awesome! My son and I love it. We play it all day.

  13. Nicole Escat says:

    I will definitely give this app a try. My hubby is very interested in this Pokemon Go.

  14. I heard that there are many people engage in this app. I never thought you come up with these lessons, will try it soon.

  15. Amy Jones says:

    Pokémon Go is a total gamechangerand it wil revolutionize how games are made in a few years! Nintendo is awesome!

  16. OMG!My coworkers and I we're in a restaurant and were bothering other tables because of Pokemon Go. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! – AMER

  17. I like to try this. My stepchildren are playing this Pokemon Go and they enjoyed it a lot!

  18. Liz Mays says:

    I have to admit I downloaded it a couple days ago and have been having lots of fun with it. The only thing I worry about is people using it while driving.

  19. oana79 says:

    I am amazed at how popular this game has become almost overnight, such a great way to exercise with friends and family, as you say!

  20. Anna Nuttall says:

    I never understood the popularity of pokemon, have no interest with this app.


  21. Elizabeth O. says:

    It's always going to be a part of a kid's childhood and I think that's what makes it special and popular these days as well. I think it's an awesome app, but it sure needs a little fix too. Overall, it's a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

  22. I loved Pokemon as a kid, but I haven't played a game in a few years now, and even then it was just a couple of times. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about Pokemon GO. I can see advantages and drawbacks to the game.

  23. Love the idea of walking dogs while playing Pokemon Go. We play it in our house and get the whole family involved. We previously geocached which was fun too, but I have a kid in a wheelchair and some caches are hide to find/access unlike most pokemon.

  24. Alicia says:

    I just downloaded the app this weekend! We've only played it a few times, but I like how the game gets people moving!

  25. I love the meme with the little dog all pooped out on the deck that says, "That's the sixth walk today. What the heck is a Pokemon?" I just think that is so funny. At least it is turning couch potatoes into walkers and such.

  26. Jennifer H says:

    I'm avoiding the trend. LOL It's just not something I'm into, but man has it gotten the entire world in a craze!

  27. My kids are obsessed with Pokemon on the go. Actually a whole bunch of people are becoming obsessed with it.

  28. Echo A says:

    I am loving the new Pokemon revolution! We have been going on family Pokemon hunts and yesterday, we say families, friends and people of all kinds out walking, talking, laughing and greeting each other because of Pokemon!

  29. I didn't want to play this game at first because I knew if I did I would get addicted…well I ended up playing and I am addicted haha! I really love it though. It's a great way to get up and move.

  30. I remember hearing about Pokemon when I was younger, but I never played or saw the cartoons. I'm glad something is finally getting people up and out of their houses.

  31. My eldest son grew up with Pokemon as a toy everything in his toy box with pokemon and now it is something a way all people can enjoy with.

  32. Eileen Kelly says:

    This is a huge deal everywhere. I don't understand all of the components but the kids sure do and they are loving it!

  33. I downloaded the game and even got my hubby to download it. IT's fun!

  34. I think that whoever came up with this idea is a genius. There are people out there participating that aren't hardcore fans, and this is such a treat for the diehard ones. That animal shelter letting kids walk the dogs while they play pokemonGo! – that is soooooo cool!

  35. Lisa Rios says:

    I too have been a crazy fan of Pokemon since childhood like you & many around. Having 2 kids, being a busy & restless working mom, I am controlling myself not to install this App, but I know I am not going to succeed longer!

  36. I think it's a brilliant way of getting out of the house and move. I know children that would never leave the computer and now they are outside, walking for hours.

  37. Cathy Mini says:

    I love the idea of Pokemon Go! I especially loved the idea of walking the shelter dogs in order to hatch Pokemon eggs. Great article!

  38. i love pokemon! i still memorize the names and their song! but i am not a fan of the app. i'd rather have my daughter swim and play tennis hehe. although, i love that many people are hvng fan with the all

  39. mail4rosey says:

    We hatched an egg today and collected over 15 Pokemon. Very happy day. Now if we could just catch Pikachu. 😉

  40. Sarah Bailey says:

    This game is definitely getting people more active whether it be physically or even socially with real people and not just online. I love the idea.

  41. Ckrusch says:

    This really has taken off!!! I am not a user of this app but my son loves it!!

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