The Fairy Tale Adventures of Princess Kitara


The Fairy Tale Adventures of Princess Kitara

Once upon a time. In a land far, far away. Far from the eyes of mortal men, lived the most 
beautiful Fairy Queen the Fae Kingdom had seen in a many a moon. Stories of Queen Shakira spread far and wide, stretching to the very edges of the Fae Kingdom. She was known for her incredible passion and grace, neigh a fairy in all of creation had ever been known to be as inspiring as she was to her kinsfolk.

Princess Kitara

Chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp, the morning chimes pierced into the very recesses of my mind to gently wake me from my slumber. I yawned very ungracefully, ruffled my hair more and finally got out of bed, stretching my wings ever so far. With a sluggish movement, I hovered to the balcony doors and with a deep breath, I pulled them open. I closed my eyes and smiled as the morning sun and scent
enveloped my senses. 

With a start, I caught myself and realized I had now hovered just over the balcony’s borders. I laughed, a triumphant laugh, today was the day. My 321st birthday, I was finally going to do it. For as long as I could remember, the only thing I had ever wanted in this world was to go on a great adventure, the kind that legends are made of, the kind that was both exciting and dangerous. Ever since I was little, I was taken to see every inch of Faeora, every kind of fairy and every moon since. Of course, the expeditions were planned by my mother, the Queen so the Fae Knights were always around me, suffocating my every move.

It was almost as if mother had tied them with an invisible tether to me. Knowing her, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

There was a soft knock on the door, three taps. Hoorah! It had finally arrived; I opened the door carefully and looked around nothing. Hmm, that’s odd, something pulled on my gown.

I looked down to find the tiniest and most adorable fairy girl. “Uhm excuse me miss, the master asked me to gives this to you. Uhm please don’t tells him I’m late, I like sweets you sees and well I uhm got distracted by somes.”

The way in which she talked was funny enough but looking into those big brown button eyes, how could I refuse such an honest request. “Of course, I will not (for one thing I had no idea who the master was), kindly convey my sincerest thank you to the master. And here you go.” I handed her a gold coin, “Go get distracted by a few more sweets from me, ok sweety.”

She skipped away with a large smile on her freckled face.

In truth, I really couldn’t wait to open the package. Years of befriending the right Fairies, and subtle hints, and of tiptoeing around the topic had finally yielded results. I carefully opened the package and in it, was surprisingly only two pages. I skeptically opened the first one with a frown. It was a letter from the ‘Master’.

Dearest Kitty Kat.” (obviously a ridiculous attempt at obscuring my identity)

I venture not to think why any fairy would request such a ‘thing’ from me. However, be that as it may you once saved my favorite flower from a hardship and that I can never repay. However, consider this my attempt at such. The second piece of paper is a map to what you are looking for. Please do remember the following rules, as not doing so will most likely get you killed or worse (what was worse than being killed?):

The 1st and most important rule, do NOT fall in love with a mortal.

The 2nd and most important rule, do Not trust anyone especially those that claim to be Fae.

The 3rd and most impo-“

The rest of the letter was burnt off, hmmm that’s weird and why was every one of his rules the most important ones. But that was soon forgotten as I opened up the map, “I cannot believe it.”

It was in a place I had visited constantly but never thought to look. The bath and dress up was a breeze with magic, with a wiggle of my index finger, it was done. I grabbed my already prepared travel sack, which I disguised as a tiny ruby red ring to go on that very same index finger. Just as I was about to leave, an invisible hand stayed me. Sigh, thinking back to that day only a few days ago……

Kitara had just entered the dining hall to find her mother dearest at the window at the very end of the hall. Mother stood poised and direct, as a Queen should, most regal in her rule. With her dark and languid black hair, and piercing green eyes. Kitara would have been the splitting image of her mother had it not been for her father, The King’s icy blue eyes and deep dimples. She tried to remember a time when her mother was full of smiles and warmth; it seemed like eons upon eons ago, so much so that the memories almost seemed fake. No, the mother she knew, the mother she had come to know could never have been such a mother. 

It must have been memories Kitara had made up in her head to compensate for such happenstance. Although Kitara knew what had changed her, it was a story she had been told by almost everyone in the kingdom no one more so than by her Mother. It was the day her Mother had lost everything. You see a Fairy’s wings were her very soul and according to legend, her Mother’s wings were the most magnificent in its beauty. 
It was the day she had lost her wings and the day she had lost the King, her husband and Kitara’s father to a human hunter. According to legend, he was the only mortal to ever enter Faeora and on that day tragedy struck the Kingdom. Leaving her kinsfolk with a very healthy and pretty endless fear of the mortal world. Ever since then, Mother has been on a tireless campaign to ensure Kitara was never hurt or harmed in any way. She increased the Fae Knightship tenfold and ensured a detail of 7 Fae Knightship at all rotatable hours of any given day. They were called the Galicia and were comprised of the most heroic and stoic warriors in all the land. Sometimes you would only need those 7 to win a war and yet now they were stuck babysitting the already over-protected princess. Kitara approached her Mother reservedly, nervously fidgeting with her morning dress.

“Mother.” She bowed.

“You’re 7 minutes late Kitara, I would have taught you by now that a Queen is never late only ever early, would I not?” Her mother replied still looking out that damned window.

Kitara knew better than to retort. “Yes Mother, I am very sorry Mother.”

“Come, we will have breakfast quickly as your day is scheduled with many an endeavor.”

They sat in tensioned quiet, her mother very delicately eating while Kitara hadn’t the stomach for this morning’s scones with picanut fillings. She took a deep breath and said, “Mother, my 321st birthday is next week and you promised I would get to go on an adventure outside the Kingdo-“

A fist slammed on the table. The Queen regained her composure yet fire still burned in her eyes. “I promised you no such thing young one. You are my daughter and as such you have obligations to your kinsfolk before any such meaningless and immature adventures.” This time, she sighed and with gentler eyes said, “My dearest Kitara please do not start this again, I am only doing what a Mother must to protect her daughter. Her daughter whom she loves very much. But such a love comes with conditions; I could not bear to lose you too. Maybe in a few years or so.”

Now it was Kitara’s turn to fume, “You did not promise? You did not promise? You do exactly the same thing every time Mother; you try to guilt me with Father’s passing. I am not him nor you, I am but both of you. I want to go on an adventure! You’re not fair at all! Argggh.” She stormed off to her room vowing to follow her dream even if it meant disobeying her Mother, the Queen.

I was jolted back into the present by Sebastian, my dearest friend, and a changeling. Meaning he could transfigure into anything he so desired, his favorite form of which was a sea blue feathered sparrow.

~You best get a move on princess, we haven’t the time for regret~ he said through telepathy.

Of course, he could talk but it was his own private joke to talk into my head like we shared a secret. My ring got heavier the further away from the castle I became; it was as if a weight was on my shoulders. However my excitement at the adventure to come far outweighed my guilt. 

~Shh, you’re thinking too loud. We’re here.~

I paused at the giant white oak tree, the very tree I had spent many a day reading and sleeping under. According to the map, this was the spot, a keyword was labeled next to it “Aspermortantium.” She read aloud, suddenly the ground started to shudder and a wide arc opened at the base of the colossal tree. I looked around and with one final glance at the castle in the distance, slipped into the unknown.

Queen Shakira

Shakira stood at the very same window she had become accustomed to for the past three hundred and twenty years. It was at this very window that she had seen what had irrevocably changed her life forever. Lord Barathus, how she hated fighting with Kitara but if she didn’t be so firm, the girl would be frolicking with Mountain trolls! Such an adventurous spirit, which she cursed because it came from her. Yet she did not realize just how important she was, how vital her survival was for the Kingdom. You see Shakira was losing her Magical essence and would soon be very much mortal, ever since losing her wings the magic has been seeping out of her slowly but surely. Soon she would be no longer the Queen of Faeora, just another faceless mortal doomed to suffering and disgrace. She needed to make sure Kitara was read-

Something caught her eye; it was Kitara’s eye! At the very topmost hill with the great White oak tree. The portal had been opened! However did she?! “Captain Verhad! Captain Verhad!!!” Shouting at the top of her lungs.

The captain and a squadron of Fae knights stormed the dining hall with murderous purpose. “What is it my queen”, asked the captain.

Shakira turned her cheek to the window to avoid giving away any further concern. “I said Captain Verhad, had I not?” She waited for the footsteps to die out before turning to the Captain, fool of worry in her face. Tears now streaked her perfect face, “Kitara has found the portal!! I do not know how but whoever told her will be severely punished. You MUST go after her, I would go to but only true Fae or Mortal may pass through and since I am neither I will only hinder you by such trivialities. Please captain, save my one true daughter.” The captain was out the hall without another word, he had already staked his life on protecting her many years ago, there was no need for a remittance. Oh Lord Barathus, please do not let her know the same pain that she did all those many years ago.

Johnny Padelaki

Man, I hate this shop, I hate the smell, I hate the books, I hate my grandfather for making me work here and I hate my father for letting him make me work here. It was an antique for Christ sakes, nobody hardly ever came to an antique bookstore to buy a book, why, when you can read the latest game of thrones novel at exclusive books. Arrggggh it was so suffocating.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to go on an adventure and as soon as I get my Anthropology and archeology degree, I am as good as gone from this squeaky old place. I could almost hear my rackety old grandpa now, “Young man, this shop has been in our family for generations. Why my father owned it and his father before him and his father’s father and his father’s father’s father. It is on sacred ground and must be preserved.” Sigh, I hated to disappoint the old man but I needed to get out of here and live my life. I was so going get a job at the archeology society of great London and volunteer for any and every expedition there was.

Crash!!!! A loud thud followed by what sounded like a mountain of books falling (yes it had happened before unsurprisingly in this heap of tattered old books). I followed the sound to the study in the back, noticing that the books had fallen to reveal a long forgotten family heirloom. The Mirror was something he was told to never ever touch. Oh well, I only had two more days before graduation, what could one-touch do. Although it felt like an uncontrollable urge, like a gravitational pull. As my fingers roamed the ceremonial engravings on the frame, it started to warm up to the touch. A force knocked me off my feet and into a shelf. I came to at the smell of lilies, my vision blurred but my curiosity of that heavenly scent pulled me forward. I blinked several times before I saw her clearly. I girl who looked no older than I did, was lying on the ground unconscious from my observations. Dark black her and the kind of beauty that would make a man’s, this man’s heart stop beating. She opened her eyelids and from them the most dazzling eyes he had ever seen.

They were a piercing blue with flakes of green, no almost whitish blue in them. It was almost as if they were dancing in her irises. I am left speechless, even as a puzzled frown formed on her beautiful face as she looked around taking in her surroundings. Wait, what the hell was going on, there is no way just no way had she come out of the Mirror right? Right? No that’s absurd.

“Good day kind sir. Forgive me but I seem to be out of sorts. Is this what is called the Earthen lands? Ouch, it seems I have hurt one of my wings, no matter it will heal shortly”.

Now it was my turned to do the puzzled frown although I imagine I looked quite foolish to this goddess from the Mirror. From a frickkin mirror? Things like this can’t just happen. “Earthen Lands? If you mean Earth, then yes. Wings? I’m sorry but what wings?”

Now it was her turn to frown again, she glanced behind her back and so did I. “Do you not see them?” I shook my head. “-hmm that is most peculiar. I am princess Kitara, daughter of Queen Shakira, protector and savior to all the Fae, successor to the throne and protected by the Galicia. And who might you be kind sir?”

I blinked a few times trying to remember and understand that. “I’m Johnny Pedalaki and uhm no title,” I said nervously hoping I didn’t have soot all over my face from the explosion or whatever it was that brought this girl into my life.

The front door was pushed open with such force that the bell on it rang then broke, then fell to the floor, “Gimme all yo money!!- wait, hey no one is here. I thought you said there was always some kid here Henry.” Said the first guy.

“Dammit man don’t use my name! He’s always here. Be careful, he knows some kinda Kung Fu shit I ain’t never seen.”

I rolled my eyes and looked down at Kitara, holding out my hand and muttering, “Mirror explodes and beautiful girl pops out then the store gets robbed by anti-geniuses, man when it rains it pours.”

Kitara piped up, “I am not familiar with that expression Johnny Padelaki no title”.

I put a finger to her lip, marveling at her and said: “It’s just Johnny, whoever are you?”

“I am princess Kitara, daughter of Queen-“

I smiled and interrupted “Never mind, come with me and you have to be quiet.” I pulled her towards a very old closet, she was behind me now, and God she smelled good. I felt dizzy but at the same time, I was not going to let anything hurt this undeniably beautiful creature. I motioned for her to stay put. Henry and his partner entered the room looking around. Firstly they only had a baseball bat and each of them had no protective clothing on, what morons. I burst out of the closet like a barbarian, man since when did I get this reckless. I threw myself at Henry, I knew this guy, he grew up down the block from me and now here he was trying to steal from me and hurt what is mine. I don’t know where this rage came from, maybe it was from all those years in the shop who knows but I pounded fist after fist at his face. A loud pop rang in the air followed by a sharp pain at my side, which was only superseded, by the most excruciating and exploding pain I had ever felt, I toppled off to the side off of Henry’s bloody face. Clutching my own side in agony and to avoid losing any more blood. Damn this frickkin hurt, no one ever says how much it hurts. The guys in the movies always make it seem like nothing and get up. I couldn’t even see straight let alone move.

I heard the closet door open again and Kitara stepped out, I tried to get up but cursed, I was useless I couldn’t even save her. Man, why had I been so reckless? Henry’s accomplice, let’s call him DonkeyFace said: “Well looky what we have here, damn you look fine baby come give daddy some sugar.” I could see enough to tell

Kitara was pissed. She rushed the guy, no not rushed actually flew at the guy and grabbed him by the throat with one hand lifting him up. DonkeyFace was choking for air, then she wiggled her index finger and he crumpled to the ground like dead weight. She turned to me with concern in her gorgeous eyes, man what I would give to never have to see that worry in her eyes ever again.

“Arrgggh, sorry I’m so useless,” I grunted, disappointed in myself.

Kitara knelt down and gently hovered her hand over my wound. Miraculously I watched in awe as the wound closed, I felt the bullet inside me dissolve into sweet nothingness. “I am so glad you are in good health Just Johnny, you have been so kind to me and I like your eyes, I wish to see nothing ever bad happen to you” I chuckled, She liked my eyes? I frickkin loved her eyes! She placed her hand over my heart and closed her eyes; wow was she going to heal my soul or something now. Her eyes popped open with delight, she smiled and it just melted my heart “You have Fae blood in you, it’s faint but still there.” Again it was my turn with the Willy Wonka puzzled frown,

“Uhm that’s weird, maybe it was a transfusion or something. Am I in trouble?”

She laughed, it was the most entrancing sound I had ever heard, “No silly, it cannot be transfused it is part of who you are. And no you are not in trouble and now neither am I hahahah.” Kitara stood up and magically produced a large ivory colored sword that shone like the moon. “Dearest Johnny Padelaki of no title and my savior. By your forefather the Fae Bronson (Hey! That’s my great granddad’s name), and by my Mother before me, I dub thee Fae Knight of the Royal

Bloodline. Do you denounce all in the name of your Queen and kinsfolk? To swear only to serve and protect those you are charged with in innocence?”

Silenced prevailed, my mind was so jumbled but hey if it meant I got to see more of her what the hell. “Uhm I guess so.”

With that, she plunged the sword so deep into my chest that I’m pretty sure it came out the other side!

Authors Note

Sorry! No Zemlja Dosta Chronicles this week, giving you some time to catch up on the story.
Here are all the chapters:

Chapter 5 – The Elven Trials
Chapter 6 – Hocirne’s Return

The Fairy Tale Adventures of Princess Kitara was written as a bedtime story. I asked my big sister what she wanted for her birthday, told her she could have anything and she said she wanted a story. So, abra kadabra, voila here’s the bedtime story I wrote.

Part 2 of this story will be released next week as it was just too long to put in one blog post and hopefully, it’s entertained you enough to look out for next weeks release.

Photography by AlfonzoWords
~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres

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