The Script: Interview of a Teenage Blogger Queen


The Script: Interview of a Teenage Blogger Queen

Inspire. Create. Write. TM
Model: Taz Noble
PAN SHOT:  to the talk show host
Shiane Hawke stands (broad, welcoming smile), with arms outstretched to greet the in-house audience as well as the viewers.
Welcome back! Thank you for watching. Today we’ll be talking to the multiple award-winning and critically acclaimed, Grace Ann Scott. Dubbed the Blogger Queen by her worldwide fans.
(pause for cheer)
Shiane makes a show of touching her ear as if receiving communication there. She holds up a finger as added.
(CONT’D) Wow, okay I’m getting word now ….that Grace has just entered the parking bay! Let’s have a look shall we?
B-ROLL: Wide-angle shot of the thousands of girls & women, shouting and screaming in fandom behind the barricades. Cross-cut to Grace getting out of the car w/ 2nd cam on the cheering fans.
Close ON: Grace waving and greeting the crowd. WHEN(Grace decides to sign autographs or bags, ZOOM IN on 2nd camera to cap action)
SPLIT SCREEN: Cam 1 to stay on the cheering crowds. IF(any emotional girls/women, ZOOM IN). Cam 2 to follow (handheld) Grace into the building.
DUAL CUT: Cross cut b/tween Cam 1 on Shiane & Cam 2 on Grace.
Dainty hugs shared b/tween Shiane & Grace as to not smudge anything. They get seated at a cross angle to the cameras.

(exultant expression)
Grace Ann Scott! OH. MY. GOD. As I live and breathe. Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of the ‘GraceConfessions’ website. I never go a day without checking it.
Awww, thank you for having me Shiane but it is me who is the fan of you. I’ve watched you for years now and all my fans know it.
Well try as you might to be humble Miss Thang, you’ve created a revolution. That letter you released from Maya is absolutely heart-breaking & uplifting! Is it true that she’s the newest member with her own section on the website and everything?
(smacks her hands together)
Yes! Oh my God! I’m so excited for her. Maya is just a complete phenomenon right now and she’s inspiring girls all over the world. I have big plans in store for her.
That’s amazing Grace, I know all the tweens are loving you for that. Plucking some random from obscurity and giving her a life only celebrities get to live. On a more serious note, is it true that you & Maya share a very special bond? Can you tell us about it?
(visibly saddened, looks down)
Maya’s letter really resonated with me because I too lost my mother at a young age.
(shakes head out) (MOS)
(CONT’D) Yet I know that Maya is one of a kind, thoughtful, funny, totally teddy bear hug you to the wall caring. I would be ‘besties like toasties’ with her in any lifetime.

B.G(Background): Producer waves to Shiane to advise on the time limit.
Well, without further ado let’s get this show on the rolly polly, shall we? So you’ve been called the Blogger Queen, the Queen of Beauty, the Grace connection. Can you tell us how this all started?
(laughs nervously at the attention)
Oh please, I ain’t no Queen. I have friends around the world, not loyal subjects. (laughs). Basically, my ‘besties like toasties’ Ashley & Nicole were complaining about how all the websites were extremely hardcore beauty or extremely hardcore anti-beauty. But there was nothing in the middle, nothing light-hearted and fun. That’s what the ‘GraceConfessions’ is all about, keeping everyone completely up to date with beauty but by keeping it real & quirky which is what most of us are, is it? Quirky.
Yes! How true that is girl! Now, I hope you don’t mind but ever since it was announced that you’d be here, the fans have been tweeting us up into a storm. There’s been so many questions asked & we’d like to get a few of them answered.
Ofcourse I don’t mind. Ask away Shi.
(looks to the crowd in anticipation)
Here we go. Grace, the fans would like to know, What is your skin care regime?
I’m a CEM kinda girl. Cleanser, Exfoliant & Moisturizer. On certain days, I apply the eye cream, toner & a mask.
Perfect, ok question number 2. Becka from Sydney wants to know, Do you wear makeup every day?
Oh yes, it’s just a part of who I am. Alittle goes a long way.
I like this one, What is your favorite beauty brand?
Well ofcourse it’s MAC, MAC for life but I’ve really been enjoying a Japanese brand lately. It’s called Shiseido.
Really? Maybe I should give it a go as well. Question number 4 from Brighton in London, What are your beauty sins? Oh! Speaking of this, you site gets thousands upon thousands of these on a daily basis. Which one is your favorite?
Brighton! Such a cool name. It’s true I’ve read every beauty sin I’ve thought possible and still more pours in every day. I would say it’s not washing out my makeup before bed, some days are just more exhausting than others. My favorite would be the one a guy posted a while ago about how he shaves with baby oil. We’ve had so many guys come back and say they tried it with great success. It was really funny and incredibly humbling to see guys use the site too.

IN B/tween shots of laughter from the crowd.
Gracy, so modest. Ofcourse guys follow it, it wouldn’t be a revolution if they didn’t. So What’s in your make-up bag at this very moment?
I think the more interesting question is, what isn’t.
(laughs; short bursts)
Let’s see my key items that I can’t live without are Eye Shadow, Eye Liner & Lip Stick.
Oh yes darling, I couldn’t bear to not have that on me. Ok, let’s see hmmm the next question is from Teddy in Texas. She says, You are late for a meeting and can only put on one make-up item before leaving the house what do you grab?
(Grace & Shiane look at each knowingly and at the same time s/o)
Eye Liner!
(giggling ensues, crowd joins)
Yes, it really is the only thing worth having isn’t it. Right then, Grace Ann have you ever uh, I think the phrase they used is, “ugly cried” and have your mascara run in public?
(laughs childishly)
Veronica Roth
That’s a new one!…..I thank God for water-proof mascara otherwise, there would have been plenty of insta-Blair witch project photos of me out there by now.
PAN OUT: Crowds reaction.
(waits for crowd to die down)
Ally and she adorably she signed this as Ally Not McBeal, is a housewife in Wisconsin asks If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?
In honor of the great artist Prince, I’m definitely going to say ~Purple Rain, Purple Rain~ (sings in perfect pitch)
Wow, you’ve got some pipes on you girl. Question number 9 is, How often do you wash your hair?
I try to do it every day but during my busiest weeks, it’s most likely every second day.
Taraji from Kenya would like to know, Are your eyebrows on fleek? Wait what in the holy heavens are eyebrows on fleek? Sounds positively demented.
(giggles and claps on legs)
Don’t worry Shi, it’s an American thing…mostly. As with most things beauty related it started with Kim Kardashian & her eyebrow war with the wonderfully goofy Cara Delevingne. Kim won by bleaching her eyebrows and the trend ‘eyebrows on fleek’ was born. It’s a variation of the word ‘flick’ or eyebrows on point if you will. So my answer is, yes (giggles) and I do enjoy watching those who do it too.
Posted by Brinton Parker
Really? You Americans are really some’fin else you know that?
B.g: Producer rolls out his hand.
(CONT’D) Let’s continue, shall we? Question 10 is Do you Contour?
I love how this isn’t a model exclusive thing anymore. Yes! I love to contour. Ashley is the greatest at it and always does mine before we hit the town.
We’re almost done here. Minali from South Africa would like to know if you thread or wax?
Minali, I love these names. Well Minali, I thread ofcourse but there’s just something’s better left waxed, you know. (winks to cam 5)
PAN SHOT: crowd
Last question Grace Ann, What would you call your own beauty brand?
(exultant expressions)
I’m so overjoyed that you asked that question. (body language to the crowd). I’m very excited to announce that the ‘GraceConfessions’ site is well on it’s way to launching it’s very own beauty brand!
PAN SHOT: Crowd reaction, ZOOM IN on exultant expressions.
(visibly excited)
Don’t leave us in the dark now Grace Ann, tell us what it’s going to be called.
(looks around w/ mysterious smile to build anticipation)
………….It’s going to be called The Grace Kelly! (crowd erupts, waits for settle down) Yeah, we’ve gotten the permission from Miss Kelly’s estate and everything. The Olsen Twins are one of our big investors.
Bloody Hell! I cannot wait to try this new brand out, you simply must not forget to send me samples. Also, it seems another popular must have from the twitter-verse is a Quick Fire round. In which I give you two options and you pick one in rapid succession. Ready?
Awesome sauce! We play quick fire all the time at sleepovers. Go for it.
Gel or Acrylic

Liquid Liner or Pencil Liner
Oooh pencil is a golden oldie but I’m going to have to go with Liquid on this one.
Yes me too Luv. Matt or Gloss.
Daily it’s Gloss all the way but special occasions… bring out the Matt finish.
Salon or DIY
DIY. Ashley would say, personal stylist.
(laughs from crowd & Shiane)
Curled or Straight
Bold Lip or Dramatic Eyes
I’m especially fond of the Egyptian eyes.
Oh yes! Me too! So intriguing. French Tip or Nail Art
French Tip
Floral or Musky notes for your perfume
Makeup wipes or Micellar Water
Oh, we love Micellar water.
(claps hands together)
Grace Ann, that was a lovely round of fan-based questions, don’t you think?
(looks to Cam 7)
(CONT’D) Thank you all for tuning into Shiane Daily. Grace insisted we answer the fan questions first as you all mean so much to her. Join us after the break where Grace and I will be interviewing some potential candidates for the ‘GraceConfessions’ position right here in the UK!
B-Roll: Wide-angle shot as theme music plays in the background of cheering crowd.
Cross-out: Cam 5 to close on Grace as she waves to the crowd.

FADE OUT: Commercial Break. 

Authors Note*

Please Note* That this was just me being creative with a Blog Tag writing prompt and might not entirely reflect the true form of a script as I didn’t want it to be too technical.

The First Photo was modeled by local Cosplay Icon, Taz Noble and refers to my original short story on Wattpad, called the “The Lady in Blue Heels.”

Update* “The Lady in Blue Heels.” is now available on the blog!

Mommy Blogger: How I found out I was Pregnant Part 2

You can also read the Prequel to this titled: Confessions of a Teenage Blogger Queen

It’s filled with love, romance, intrigue, drama & suspense. Get to know more about Grace Annelise Scott.

The Blog Tag provides bloggers with daily Writing Prompts in line with a weekly theme.

If you’re interested in taking part either follow the link or click on the image below which will take you to the Aesthetically Blog-tastic Website.


~Be Kind to One Another~ Ellen Degeneres

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  1. Eugenia says:

    Amazing interview with Grace and and it is so inspiring! Great opportunity for fans to know her better! I definitely need to check GraceConfessions website!

  2. Amy Jones says:

    Great story! I loved how it actually made you think of the actions

  3. An amazing interview! I have a lot in common with Grace.

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    It's very detailed and convincing! I think it's nice to have a portion like this, the first two stories were very nice and this is a different take on it, which is great.

  5. It is a fascinating piece, so true and brings out everything in vivid detail in the reader's mind.

  6. What an amazing interview, I like her. I will check her blog and hope this inspired more teens to do blogging.

  7. I like her humbleness. I like to see teenagers who are able to do blogging, the interview is so nice.

  8. When you're a famous person, a lot of people will look up to you and it's important to be humble and kind to those people. It's really nice that she's very inspiring and she tries to empower young women as much as she can!

  9. Kathy BP says:

    This is such an amazing interview. You're lucky to have done the interview. I love all these photos too. They're so beautiful!

  10. Ron Leyba says:

    Great story and interview. Amazing build up too!

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    Awesome interview and I loved the pictures that you incorporated. Very nice!

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    I have only read a few of your posts but I love them always. Awesome job and build up like always.

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    I really enjoyed this interview a lot. I can not wait to read more of what you have to share.

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    This was a great script. I could definitely picture a real interview with a celebrity as a read it.

  15. What an amazing interview. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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    I remember when I used to write scripts, Grace sounds lovely especially since she plucked Maya from obscurity because they share a common connection.

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    Wow great interview again! Can't wait to read some of the others you got coming up

  18. Echo A says:

    Your interviews are so fun! Also, I think I might finally understand on fleek, lol!

  19. Echo A says:

    Your interviews are so fun! Also, I think I might finally understand on fleek, lol!

  20. Such a creative way to write and think out of the box again.

  21. Great interview! I love that she'd dye her hair purple.

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