Top 10 Reasons to Love Winter


Top 10 Reasons to Love Winter

Bonne journée
Winter is my favorite season of them all! I’m more me than I’ve ever been in Winter. Like if I was anime character I would be Strongest during Winter. I love Love LOVE it so much!
And here’s Ten Reasons Why:

10. Carbs are back in season!

Why do we eat more in winter? Our bodies need more energy to keep us warm, therefore increasing our appetites. Everyone’s in layers and bundled up so you can’t see your minor imperfections. This is why winter is so great – you can enjoy comfort food and because of all the layers, you don’t have to worry about that muffin top… yet!
Although IMO winter is kinda the best time to exercise because you wont sweat as profusely as you would in summer with the heat. The cold air will keep you fresh & in charge.

9. No Creepy Crawlies! 

Like Mosquitoes & Spiders. They all but disappear! No more finding a spider randomly scurrying across your desk or in a dark corner. No more waking up to find annoyingly itchy mosquito bites all over you.

8. Longer Nights & Best Sleep

In summer, the nights are so hot that even the thinnest blanket/duvet warms you up. So you end up tossing & turning all night. Sometimes you even have to sleep with a fan on all night just to get you through it. Yet when its winter, it’s the simplest thing to go to bed & pass tfo immediately because you’re so snug & warm & comfy under the blanket. Also if you’re a night owl like me, you’re more active a night & with winter’s long starry nights, we get to be the most productive. Even the air is more crisp & breathable than it is in summer with that stuffy air while waiting & praying for any kind of breeze.
What I adore about this is the Sun, in summer is blistering & unforgiving but in winter, the sunlight emits a warm glow upon your skin. In those sun-touched moments, I find one of the best kinds of sleep. Where like with the fable of Goldilocks, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold but it’s just damn right!

7. Ice Skating

I’ve loved this ever since my first time when I figured it was just like rollerblading & I knew how. It’s been my go-to for taking someone on a date especially if they aren’t great at it because it offers the opportunity to hold hands to help keep em steady.{wink wink hint hint cough cough} Granted you can skate all year round but it’s especially more appealing in winter. 
My favorite place to go to is the Northgate Mall Ice Rink
The play EPIC music & even have special lighting to flow with the music!
The staff are amazing & helpful. 

6. White Hot Chocolate 

One of my favorite hot beverages of all time. There’s something so sinisterly & sinfully delectable about it. Like I might be condemned to hell for all of eternity just for tasting something so heavenly.

5. 5 More Minutes

To curl up under the blanket in the morning before you have to get up. It’s like the coldness reaches its peak but you’re in that sweet spot of ABSOLUTE comfyness under that blanket that your brain doesn’t want to even entertain the thought of getting up. So you curl up into the fetal position to enjoy the ABSOLUTE comfyness for one last final time before getting up.

4. Long Hot Shower in the Morning 

So you’re up & out from the ABSOLUTE comfyness. Head straight for the Shower, do not pass begin, do not collect nothing. Just go. It’s the Only thing that makes up for having to get up from the ABSOLUTE comfyness. The way the hot water envelops your body, it’s like heavenly honey melting from your head all the way down to your toes. You’re in a cacoon of melting heaven all over your body. So much so that you forgot the time, all that matters is an endless stream of warm water over every inch of your skin.

3. Warm Comfy Clothes

One of if not my favorite thing about winter. The clothes! Big bulky jackets, Beanies, Gloves, socks, pyjamas, onesies and the list goes on. Layers upon Layers of clothes. Even for someone like me who always runs hot, come winter time I get to cover myself in snug clothes without burning up.

2. Snuggles & Cuddles with bae 

FYI bae can also mean your dog/s &/or cat/s 
Now this is ABSOLUTE comfyness squared! Yes it might be super sexy at times to have a sweaty & steamy hanky panky but in winter nothing beats snuggling up with bae in front a fireplace or under the blanket or even while out with friends. It’s like the perfect excuse to snuggle them close to you. 

1. Netflix & Chill / Movie Marathon / Read Books under warm blanket

Basically any indoor activities or event under a warm blanket. Add White Hot Chocolates, some popcorn fresh of the stove/microwave, onesies, snuggles with bae & you’ve got the BEST night ever right there! Harry Potter Marathon incl.

What do you LOVE about Winter?

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18 Responses

  1. I'm more of a summer person myself. But those are def some great perks to winter 😀

  2. Miss K. says:

    Thank you for reminding us that winter can be nice too so we won't hear all these people moaning that they need sun all the time! 😀

  3. M. Akamatra says:

    Now this is a perfect post! I am a winter lover myself and apart from Netflix ( I don't do TV) everything else is on my list too! Especially ice skating!

  4. Definitely an opportunity to catch up Netflix! In the winter it gets dark much earlier so outdoor fun is limited.

  5. I don't personally like winter. Like yeah I know there are lots of things to do but I desperately lack sun. Also all of my hobbies prefer hot weather

  6. Flyingkids says:

    There are many things to enjoy in winter as much as in summer. It's great to look at the positive side of things always.

  7. I am more like a winter person I love to do almost all the things possible in winter:P 5 more minutes is my daily job😂

  8. I love Summer but it has been really warm this year. I love Winter when it is really cold and hot chocolate season 🙂

  9. RakhiParsai says:

    I simply love winter season and all these reasons listed by you make it all the more beautiful.

  10. Clarice / Camping for Women says:

    Yes, I also love winter. Summers just drains me out soon much because of too much hit. Also, I love longer nights and sleep time.

  11. I always love winter, because I live in the South and it is the best time to be outside. Right now it is way too hot!

  12. I love winter season, cold winter nights, being able to eat utter shit and not care!! Going into hermit season haahah love it

  13. Azlin Bloor says:

    Yes to all of the above, especially the no creepy crawlies. Although we did get the odd slug in the house this past winter!

  14. I live in a tropical country and have not really encountered cold winter but I like the idea of watching or reading a book under a cold blanket

  15. Sigrid Says says:

    Nice list! What I don't like about winter is having to wear thick clothing. I am used to the light and cool clothes. So jackets and all that are too straining on my neck and back. pfft.

  16. I have actually learned to love Winter but, I just started the keto diet and when winter hits I want all the carbs in the world LOL

  17. Eugenia says:

    Personally, I don’t love winter…I am a summer girl 🙂 But I think with the right person ( your love one) each season can be perfect…even in winter, because he can warm you 🙂 …I am a bit romantic!

  18. ababa says:

    Hello, after reading this remarkable article i am as well glad to shаre my knoԝledցe here with mateѕ.

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