Travel Tag: Sara Essop


Travel Tag: Sara Essop

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Buenas Dias!

One of my favorite days of the week has arrived, iiiiiiitS #TravelTuesday
Travel is a Billion Dollar industry almost teasing at Trillion Dollar status, Why?
Because EVERYONE loves to travel! And those that say they don’t are 9 times outta 10 just lying to themselves more than lying to you.

I love that quote above by my man Hans C. Andersen, it so eloquently captures the heart & core message of Travel.

My mate Richie from the Live Your Now initiative has just released a new song on sound cloud that I believe embodies perfectly the sound of embarking on a new journey. Have a listen while reading this Travel Tag:

I mentioned in my post, Testimonials for Live Your Now & S.S Blake that it was thanks to Sara Essop & her awesome promo partners that I was able to attend the National Achievers Congress, #VIP Style and meet Robert Kiyosaki, author of the world’s No. 1 finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I always see Sara sharing travel blog posts & amazing destination photos so I thought hosting her on a Travel Tag would be perfect! She also allows others to share their travel stories on her blog, giving them the spotlight, which I believe is truly indicative of her wonderful heart. #SharingitForward

Meet Sara Essop

Sara is a travel blogger and writer based in Johannesburg and she blogs at “In Africa and Beyond”. Her blog is about travel, events, and experiences around the world. It aims to inspire others to travel and explore. She especially loves showcasing her beautiful country. She hasn’t been everywhere yet but it’s on her bucket list.

1. Tell us about a recent holiday

  • My last overseas holiday was to the UK where we explored London. From there we went to the USA, where we visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando. It was amazing. The only drawback was our exchange rate.

2. Best destination to travel to

  • I loved Istanbul and Venice.

3. Worst Travel experience?

  • In Melaka, Malaysia, I slipped and fell on a patch of moss. I was badly bruised for a few days.

4. How traveling has changed your life?

  • It’s opened my eyes to different experiences, cultures, and lifestyles and made me more broad-minded.

5. Where are you from?

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

6. Where have you been around the world?

  • I’ve been to 40 countries including USA, Italy, India, Malaysia, China, UK etc

7. What is your favorite City?

  • I’d say Istanbul. It’s a magical city, full of history, interesting architecture, fascinating culture and good food. It’s also the only city in the world which spans two continents, Europe and Asia.

8. What are your dream destinations?

  • Right now, I really want to go to South America, since I’ve never been there. I would also love to go and see the Northern Lights

9. Best item you have purchased overseas?

  • I bought a beautiful Rado watch in Switzerland. And I always buy a fridge magnet representing the country I am in when traveling.

10. What time of the year do you like to travel?

  • Since I’ve got kids who go to school, it’s more about when I can travel – and that would be in the school holidays.

11. How many times a year do you travel?

  • I usually go overseas at least once a year and local holidays a few times a year.

12. Show us your favorite travel picture?

Santorini, Greece

13. What are some new and exciting cuisines have you tried on your travels?

  • Chocolate and banana pizza in Zanzibar. Chicken, olive and citrus tagine in Morocco.

14. Have you ever lost something while traveling?

  • Yes – on my last overseas trip I left my Canon camera on the plane at Gatwick airport in UK. Fortunately, I managed to get it back again about 6 weeks and R1000 later.

15. What are your favorite travel activities?

  • Sightseeing and exploring. I like to go to where the locals hang out too. I don’t usually waste time with shopping

16. What are your must-have travel accessories?

  • A good camera, a smartphone with Wi-fi

17. What is your favorite accent in the world?

Burano, Italy

18. If you could live anywhere where would you live?

  • Tough one. Probably some tropical island

19. Why do you enjoy traveling?

  • I love discovering and exploring new destinations and taking photos wherever I go. Seeing world famous places and off-the-beaten-track places in the flesh, experiencing new adventures, new cultures and new cuisine excites me and inspires me.

20. Do you have a travel buddy?

  • I always travel with my husband and usually my two kids too.

21. What are some of the interesting places you’ve visited and the different cultures?

  • Istanbul, Venice, London, Mumbai, New York. They are all interesting in their own unique ways.

22. Have you ever had any bad travel experiences?

  • I don’t usually enjoy long layovers at airports. But once, I was traveling to South Africa from India via Nairobi. Our flight in India was delayed and we missed our connecting flight in Nairobi. It was before the sanctions were lifted and we weren’t allowed to enter Nairobi without a visa as South African passport holders. There was a large group of us and we stayed at the airport for 5 days before they could put us on a flight to South Africa again.

23. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

  • There are many ways to travel cheaply and on a budget. If you let yourself believe that it is possible then it will be possible.

Quick Fire
Road Trip around your country or Plane ride to exotic location
Plane ride to exotic location – I like traveling in my country but I love visiting exotic locations even more.
Hotel or Hostel
Definitely hotels – I like my privacy
Summer or Winter
Summer – Winter makes me feel gloomy.
Window or Aisle seat
Window seat. I love to look outside and admire the view – even if it is of the clouds
Book or Movie on the Plane

Movie – I usually catch up on the latest movies on the plane


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24 Responses

  1. Jetsetter! A life I dream of daily. How brilliant!! Loving travel Tuesday 😀

  2. I love her favorite picture. I would love to travel the country like this.

  3. That picture of Santorini is awesome! I really want to go there.

  4. Amy Jones says:

    Who doesn't love traveling? I'd love to go to santorini and venice too

  5. Wonderful post, from the piece of music to the interview with your favourite writer. And Santorini is certainly a place to behold!

  6. Eugenia says:

    Traveling is always so exciting! I also love exploring new places and taking photos and my favorite accent is Italian! Amazing interview with Sara!

  7. Traveling is one of my favorite pasttimes. Chocolate and banana pizza – I hope that is not on a standard pizza crust.

  8. Elizabeth O. says:

    I have always admired travel bloggers for their work and it's amazing that they get to see a different part of the world every time! It's really nice to get to know them too.

  9. I love traveling too when budget permits. Santorini is ❤️.

  10. Milena says:

    I really loved reading this interview. I love traveling and we try to visit a new place or two with our kids ever year.

  11. H.C.A. certainly has a way with words 🙂 Loved the interview. Sarah seems like she enjoys travelling very much.

  12. Robin Rue says:

    Great interview! I really love that favorite travel photo. Gorgeous!

  13. Krystle Cook says:

    My favorite travel accessory is also my camera. I need to capture moments and all the beauty that I am experiencing so I can see and remember it later.

  14. Jay Simms says:

    I love interviews like this where you can really feel what it's like to be a person. All of the experiences with travelling and what was seen and bought is awesome. Great interview.

  15. Ron Leyba says:

    Santorini is a destination that every traveler and wanderer wanted to see and visit. Love it.

  16. Interviews like this are so nice to read because you get to see a perspective different from your own and hear about new things. I love how much she travels and hope to do the same. Especially to go to Istanbul!!

    Danielle | <3

  17. mail4rosey says:

    5 days at the airport???? That is AWFUL! I love your favorite picture too, it is awesome!

  18. I like travelling too. Travelling makes me feel refresh and gives me a breather!

  19. Anna Nuttall says:

    I love traveling, if I could I would travel forever and ever… I'm a little jealous. xx

  20. Nicole Escat says:

    I wish I can travel more. And when I say travel, I mean travel abroad!

  21. Lisa Rios says:

    I love travelling a lot & I just mean it! The interview with Sara is quiet interesting & it is good to see she is a travel blogger. Her favorite picture Santorini is surely one of the best places to visit!

  22. I love being able to travel. I just wish I could travel more often. Honestly if I could travel all the time I would be happy. I love being able to get out and explore.

  23. Traveling has always been something that I wanted to do more of. I need to look into the cheapest way to do so with a family of 5.

  24. I LOVE traveling and going on trips! I hope to take my family on a really fun cruise this year!

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